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  1. At a young age, Rex always showed an interest in cooking - from pretending to make food in a little easy-bake oven, to trashing his parents' kitchen to make dishes he's seen on television. At the age of fifteen, the boy had left school with permission of his father to pursue an apprenticeship in a local restaurant in the small city of Enschede. Through out the years, he had worked himself up from dirty dishes, to actually writing his very own recipe's on the menu. At the age of 22, he met, what would be, the love of his life; Lisa. From the moment she had set foot in the restaurant to enjoy a meal, the two had hit it off when Rex emerged from the kitchen to accept a compliment from the lady on one of his dishes. Weeks, turned into months, and months into years and before they knew it, they found themselves living the white pickett fence life style. A decent home, with a decent backyard in a quiet neighborhood in the same city they both grew up in. Two lovely children and a dog. Even though Lisa was more of a cat person. And once the restaurant closed to remodel, the family of four decided this was the perfect time for a family vacation. From France to Italy, Greece and Bulgaria. The family only had one stop left; Nyheim and that's when shit hit the fan. In the first crucial days of the outbreak, the family had kept themselves together until a swarm of what seemed people high on all sorts of drugs, threw themselves onto Rex and his family. The last thing he remembers, were the screams of those he loved, until everything went dark. The following day, he woke - covered in what seemed to be guts, blood and body parts - a dead man laying on top of him (which was the reason he had survived the onslaught and feast of the infected, being ignored.) ever since that day, Rex had been alone. Wandering, wondering, grieving and surviving. Hoping, to find something, someone, that wasn't crazy about taking a bite out of him.
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