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  1. Brent was a very respected man in his small town in Minnesota. He was a former All-American football player and even played for Minnesota State, where he studied agriculture. After graduating with his Bachelors degree, he became a farmer. He lived a simple life in Minnesota with his high school sweetheart turned late wife, Samantha. He hunted and grew his own food. They were completely self sufficient in their tiny cabin in the woods. Everything was great, and they were considering adopting a child, since Samantha was infertile. At least, that was until the outbreak occurred. Brent's wife unfortunately passed from the illness in late Feburary. Feeling down and out after mourning the loss of his wife, and observing how poorly the United States was handling this breakout, Brent decided to leave the country. So, Brent packed his bags in late May and made his way to the outskirts of Norway. He figured it was a quiet country where he could live out his life in peace. Well, that's what he thought until he heard rumors of the outbreak plaguing this country too, and he heard that Nyheim was the safest place in the country. So, in November, he made haste to the city, no idea what he would do when he got there, and not taking anything but his heirloom knife from his father.
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