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  1. IGN: (In - Game Name) Jason Durham Country: Scotland English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: Almost 500 hours, played since launch DayZ Standalone Experience: Never played the mod Roleplaying Experience: Roleplayed on MMO's like WoW/Rift for 12 years. Been a member of DayzRP for 4 years with a 5th of my hours played here I would believe What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hero, though I've played as a hostile character before the character I'm playing right now is going back to my roots and trying to help other players survive Have you been in any clan/group previously: I have, The Reapers I believe they were called but it was 3+ years ago, just returned to DayZ after a 3 year break Additional notes: Like I mentioned above I'm playing the hero, want to find a group that look to help the little guy, preferably not military but a civilian group that look to give out food, water and help others survive. Best way to contact you: PM me on the forums!
  2. Jason Durham, a Scot with a rugged physique, not a military man by all means before it all happened was a marine biologist, a specialist scientist studying the ecosystem of plants and sea life and their adverse effect on the ecosystem in his home of the Scottish highlands, an important aptitude that he would find would vastly help deal with the cold, bitter and harsh landscapes of Chernarus in the future. Though he spent most of his working life in Scotland, always prefering to stay close to home there would also be times where his work would take him to far reaches of the globe from the southern most points of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina to Australia's barrier reef. His next venture, quite possibly the longest of all a trip through continental and eastern Europe to the small port city of Poti in Georgia in early July of 2017 where he would spend the next five to six months studying marine life in the Green sea and why little is able to live there. A ferry had taken him from Scotland to the Netherlands a typical journey for those traveling from the British Isles to continental Europe, where he would begin traveling through Germany and Poland before making it to Ukraine, the last stop before the Russian border which he would have to pass if he was to make it to Gerogia. This is where things started to seem out of the ordinary large amounts of fully equipped military personnel were stationed in the large Ukranian city of Donetsk with very little civilian life to be seen, he thought to himself it could have been down to the recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. He knew this trip would be dangerous with tensions between the two countries being at a high, but he was there on work duty and as long as he had his British passport and visa on his person he would be able to pass. Once leaving Donetsk on to the long road that leads to the Russian border, having to avoid Crimea and take the long way around due to the intense conflicts in the region he encountered very little vehicles on the road nor much people in the small villages and towns on route. Not until he reached the border atleast where he was met with two to maybe even three miles of cars stretching all the way up until the border. It quickly dawned on him that very little people were being let in. Cars in the front were seen turning and heading back into Ukraine with families inside looking visibly distressed. It was almost his turn after nearly two hours of waiting, just a small group of cars separated him and the military checkpoint, from here he could see that cars that refused to move on quickly were being threatened at gun point by the group of twenty-something soldiers he thought about turning back, but before he could begin to turn his car around a hollowing screeching noise, nothing like anyone would have heard before was heard in front somewhere just ten or so metres behind the blockade of soldiers. It was followed instantly by rapid succession of automatic fire into the air. It was a moment of instant panic the cars in front quickly hit their gas pedals and charged their way passed the border in fear and confusion, he followed suit ducking under the wheel as the sound of gun fire rattled the air, as he passed several armed men were seen lifeless on the ground with what looked like chunks of flesh ripped from their bodies and what could only be described as disfigured bodies laid next to them just as lifeless with bullet holes all over but the other bodies were clearly not dressed in military clothing they were dressed as civilians. He decided he was not going to wait to find out what was going on and traveled further into Russia not even thinking twice about turning back to what had just unfolded behind him, he made it as far as Chernarus where he finds himself now after running out of gas and provisions deciding to survive on the agriculture of the land having some knowledge on how to through his background in biology before deciding on his next plan of action.
  3. Okay that's a little bit more comforting Still makes me uneasy every time, I can deal with a reload sound that sounds like it's coming out my left ear right next to me. But a person crying/laughing (Whatever way you look at it).... So much nope
  4. Wait... So I heard myself do it?! The horror!
  5. So... Easily the creepiest thing implemented into any game.. ever. Right? I was informed that you will only hear these global cries if the cannibal is within a 100m radius? I ask because I heard this today in Cernaya Polana and proceeded to run to the east coast (Presuming it would be safe of human eating cannibals) as fast as I could! Now was I right to run my little butt off or were these cries heard from across the entirety of Chernarus? *Edit* Just realised this should probably exist in the questions part of the forums. My B
  6. IGN: Jason Durham Age: 22 Country: Scotland English skills: Most excellent! DayZ Mod Experience: N/A DayZ Standalone Experience: Played Standalone since release 300+ hours Roleplaying Experience: New to roleplaying on Dayz but have roleplayed on other games in the past What kind of In Game role best describes you: I play as a survivor with my own morals, If I can help someone I will but if it comes to my survival and I need to rob someone I will Have you been in any clan/group previously: None within the DayzRP world but have done on Dayz Standalone Additional notes: I currently play with 3 other guys, we're not a group per-say but would probably come as a package 3... If I sell it to them (We all play similar roles) Best way to contact you: PM on Forum
  7. Hey guys My names Beany, I've just been whitelisted at first attempt which I'd like to say thanks for! I'm a Scottish 22 year old and play as a hero and have done since the release of DayZ See you out there on the server guys