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  1. When the epidemic started Evilla was just after Studies in breeding different varieties of crops. She wanted to start her own business in that specified area because of her love for plants. The epidemic hanged it all. She had to learn to defend her self and how to use weapons. Unfortunately she was not good enough to safe her family from a horrible zombie attack and both her parents and little sister died. After that Evilla couldn't find her self for a long time.... But she is a strong person... trying to find her own way in that crasy world... so she travels alone for now ... Her story just begins ....
  2. That is grate. I will try to pass the whitelist after 10 h of gameplay. Hope than it will be all good Thank you for your time and Happy New Year!!! :)))))
  3. Hello, I just started Day Z on PC yesterday first time. I did play only PS be4e but got tired by all servers that do not provide me with a good quality of gameplay and interaction with others. 1. Do I need to play above 10h on Steam before get in to Day Z RP? 2. "Also moving thread to troubleshooting" - I do not think I understand what to do here... ( Sorry ) Please let me know if there is anything else I have to fix ...
  4. Yes, everything is Public... I was trying fiew times already... logging in and out ...
  5. Hello, I was trying to pass the whitelist and while logging to Steam error accured because DayZ was not on my Steam yet. Now it is but the problem is still there... I can not finalize the Whitelist. Please help... Thank you, My steam account - evilla1984
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