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  1. From a rich family resides in a poor country, Francis was born and raised with a silver spoon on his mouth. He was always a happy-go-lucky and couldn't care less how affecting it is on his parents. Being a stubborn teenager is an added challenge to them. Despite the fact he was always been like this, Francis knows what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be like his grandfather and follow his steps. For him, he ultimately considers that his Grandfather, who is a retired lieutenant colonel for the British Army, resides in Norway, as his role model. In 2021, he graduated from a military academy and immediately flew his way to Nyheim where his grandfather resides, not knowing a single thing what is about to happen. His plane landed the airport hours before the announcement of commercial travel shutdown. Noticing something was not right, he managed to travel his way up to where his Grandfather resides, but he was too late. He was shocked to see the house was on fire and his Grandfather was not there. In a hindsight, he realized what is happening. Chaos, panic and violence is the only thing he can see, his Grandfather is missing and he is now stuck in a shithole he never imagined to be stuck with in his whole life. In a place where all hell break loose, looking for a Grandfather he ultimately loves the most, being alive is his only key.
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