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  1. Iron Horse to DayZRP when?

    Im sure @Trijim would like that

  2. I just wanted to add myself, 10k is not that hard to earn. I think I’ve made something like 50-60k in the past 3 weeks just looting around and selling stuff. I think the 10k is a good price.
  3. Dont tell me anything you dont want my other half knowing, because i will tell her all your secrets 😃

  4. IMO, I think this encourages hoarding. While Nyheim isnt a large map, theres still a lot of spaces to make prefabs. I just dont see a reason that anyone would NEED to build a prefab near a high end loot area when you can add the same types of buildings in your prefab that dont spawn loot.
  5. Joe is a typical run of the mill construction worker with 2 kids back home. He was given the opportunity to come to Norway as a project manager for a construction of several office buildings being put into the Nyheim area. He is a hard working individual who knows when to stay in the background of a conversation but also is helpful to those who are helpful to him. He loves working with his hands and building new things. He is never the type of person who wants to sit around while others are working. He always wants to help them and make things as safe as possible. His two daughters back home are Eliza and Riza. He always carries pictures of them in his wallet and loves to talk about them when the opportunity presents itself. Joe has worked construction nearly his whole life. He did a brief stint in the US military straight out of high school to which he made it to the rank of Specialist before he accepted his DD214 and left the US Army. While in the army he was a rifleman in a random foxtrot company. He did his time, didn't stand out, and then got out. Because of his background, finding work outside of the military was hard. He did basic labor jobs under the table until he finally caught a break and was hired full time to work construction on high rises. Once he had his foot in the door it took him several years and the usage of his GI Bill to finally make it into management with an accounting degree from Robert Morris College in Springfield. Into his career he met his girlfriend Anastasia Chase in which he had his two children with. The relationship was extremely toxic and volatile and they really only stayed together for as long as they did because of the kids. She hated his guts because of the long hours he worked. Because of this, and this toxic relationship he looked to find work elsewhere. Now with the kids being 3-5 and starting school, he needed a way to be able to provide for them even though Anastasia made it practically impossible for him to visit them. Child support was killing him so when the opportunity came up for him to take this contracting job in Nyheim, the pay was to good to pass up. Joe is also a motorcycle enthusiast. He loves his Harley back home and rode it often to relax, wind down and get some wind therapy. There's nothing quite like driving 55 down a back highway feeling that wind in your face. Joe is also a dog lover. His best friend Parton is a female boxer. Its his favorite breed of dog. He also carries a picture of Parton in his wallet. Shes been with him for 10 years and is the best dog hes ever had. Heres to hoping this 2 year contract goes by smoothly. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
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