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  1. I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, with my mother, and two sisters. I absolutely hated school and I never was home in my teens. I would always cause mayhem throughout the city with my friends. Those damn cops could never catch me. I learned how to fend for myself and I enjoyed living in the streets of Stockholm. I was living my best life doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not having to answer to my controlling mother. Everything was amazing until the beginning of the end. Despite rarely seeing my family, I went to them to bring them with me to Norway where I heard everything was much safer and under control. When I got there, everyone was gone and I decided to head out on my own. I figured it was probably easier going on my own and not having extra weight to worry about. I went to the train station and it was packed with other people looking for the same escape as me. A riot started to break out as there was an announcement that there weren't any more tickets being sold for months. I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I had to get a ticket. Throughout all of the panic around me, I noticed a father tuck a ticket into his child’s pocket. I sprinted towards the man and took the ticket out of his pocket. His father yelled at me and reached for me but I didn’t look back once. I kept running through the station with the biggest smile on my face. I made it. Everything would be good and life would be back to normal once I got on this train. I quickly turn in my ticket and get on the train as the doors are closing. I see the man staring at me through the window, and I give him a big grin back and wave as the train starts moving. I suppose it's time to survive in a new place, at any means necessary.
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