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  1. Born in Rural Latvia in what was then part of USSR, Dimitris Ulyanov (Дмитрий Ульянов) spent most of his teens living with his grandparents on the countryside. Here he learned the basics of survival from his grandfather, an outdoors man who had served in the Red Army during the great war. He would fish and learn how to hunt and to forage for food and supplies. In his later teens and young adult life, just after the fall of the USSR, Dimitris found himself in a whole new world. Before the collapse of the USSR Dimitris had plans to enlist in the army just like his grandfather, but instead decided to learn English and study law at university in neighboring Estonia. After graduating he worked for a law firm in Riga and married and had two kids in the late 90s. But when the virus broke out he was away on a business trip and found out that the city with all his friends and family was gone and he was forced to flee with his colleagues into the wild inn order to survive. traveling around the Baltics and eastern europe areas avoiding the bigger cities and highly trafficked roads. Dimitris would mostly try to travel alone but would meet the occasional stranger from time to time. Relying on the survival skills passed down from his grandfather, Dimitris became more and more hesitant to engage strangers, yet he has a soft spot for helping those in desperate need. But would usually leave without a trace as soon as he had helped those he met.
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