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  1. Fane Chrimes AKA: jet from: manchester, england I was a paratrooper in the military I joined when I was 16 and passed out when i was 18. my first deployment was to Iraq where i stayed there for months at a time, i was then sent to Africa where some of my closest friends were captured, tortured and killed. we captured the people who were involved and i had the pleasure to inflict worse pain on them than they did on my friends, they took a whole month to die as we were keeping them alive to punish them for their sins. the MP (military police) got word of what we were doing and we got sentenced to 6 months in military prison. by this time i was 20 and when we got out. me and the people i was in prison with heard about a virus that was spreading but we didn't care to much we just wanted to leave the army and retire to somewhere quiet. but that wasn't happening anytime soon as we needed to go Africa one more time. as we got on the plain, my friends turned to me and said "her when we get to Africa i know a guy that can get us to Nyheim in Norway, u wanna come with me" I didn't hesitate and said yes no doubt in my mind, as we were getting of the plain he called him and we needed to be at the pier at 1900 hours and it was 1400 when we got there and it was the last boat going out for a month so as soon as we got to the dorms we drew out every penny we had and got our shit together as fast as we could. we stole a truck so we could fit us all in and floored it to the pier it took us an hour to get their but we made it with minuets to spare, however we had been followed. about 600m behind us there was a force coming after us getting ready to have us court-martialled. i would have stayed if they were not so lenient on the enemy. i did not want to be part of a weak force no more, so we took up firing positions and waited for them to come. as we started to set off i could hear them shouting getting ready to shoot at the boat to neutralize not just us but everyone on board, there were women and children aboard and I was not ready to let them die coz of a few deserters so i started firing in to the bushes where I heard the shouting, and the shouting turned into screams. i was firing at my own brothers that were sent to capture or kill me and I hated every second of it but I was not gonna let them kill innocent people when they wouldn't let me kill the enemy. we all took up defensive positions and started firing. not to long later we were clear of them and the loud noise of gun fire had stopped however with the noise gone i could hear my friend moaning, I looked to my right and he was in a pool of blood grasping his neck with snot and tears on his face and all he had to say was " this was your fault" and then died on the spot. he was the guy that suggested the idea in the first place. I kicked up a fuss about what he just said and my best friend grabbed me balling his eyes out saying "he's dead, he's dead" over and over so I threw him off me and told him to get a grip and told him that people die in war and then he got up and punched me across the face and we started to fight and i let my emotions get over me, I strangled him till he was dead while my brothers in arms watched me kill my best friend, and i knew what they were thinking, ive seen the look that they gave me before and i have felt the anger that they have felt. i waited till it was dark and everyone was asleep, i picked them off one by one, it was me or them i knew they wanted to kill me so i had to kill them first so i got my combat knife and killed the five of them in their sleep. after i took care of the loose ends I dropped the bodies over board so no body would know a thing, we were in a tin can crammed full of people so who's gonna notice a few people go missing. Anyway, after that i went into the luggage area and found their bags and put the money they had in my bag and kept it on me at all times. about 5 days later we were they Norway. I ran off the boat and started my new life in Nyheim however there was talk about a virus that i have heard about before. but that was not the first thing on my mind, wadded with cash but also homeless i had to get somewhere to live and i knew exactly what to do. I went and bought a farm and learned how to live off the land and this is when i thought my adventure of chaos has ended, but on that night i came home from hunting and turned the tv on and on every channel it said “STAY INDOORS. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOMES. DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOORS FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS. KEEP YOUR LIGHTS OFF, CURTAINS DRAWN, AND STAY IN AN INTERIOR ROOM IN YOUR HOMES. FORCE WILL BE USED ON ANY AND ALL VIOLATORS, WITHOUT WARNING.” at the time i had no need to be arsed because i live on my own on a farm in the middle of no were so i carried on live as i have been since i got here although there has been alot of jets flying over my farm recently. since that day everytime i turned the tv on it was on the news, this virus, refugees all the time over the news but i know what there feeling since, you know. for some reason i thought it was over, the fighting, the running, the gunning, i thought my story has ended but little did i know... it was just the beginning.
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