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  1. tommy James has had a rough life. at the young age, due to abusive parents. he decided to leave their house. not having a job or money, he became homeless for a few years. he managed to live that way managing to find some work to do in the neighborhood he occupied he could afford some food and a roof to survive. all he had at the time was a bed, blankets, a chair, a table and his shotgun. he lived alone. no one to take care of but his self. he lived a poor but a peaceful life. but things changed one day. people acted weird and seemed alarmed about something, people stopped going outside. it wasn't until after a few days of this weirdness going on that someone walked by and told tommy he shouldn't be outside, that being outside was a dangerous place. this studded him, but tommy didn't know what this person was talking about. more days passed by. things started getting weirder more and more quickly. people barricading their window and doors. people driving extremally aggressively. but yet, tommy still didn't know what was going on. all he knew is that something was very wrong. tommy heard a woman scream in terror from the distance. as good hearted tommy was, he decided to go inspect what was going on. maybe someone needed some help so he jugged into the direction the screams came from. as he got there he saw a woman on the ground covered in blood with a very scary man standing on top of her. the man seemed to be eating her. tommy, unsure of was is going on stops jogging and started slowly walking towards the woman trying to get a better glance of the situation. he slowly got closer and closer behind the man who is on top of the woman. about 10 meters away from them. tommy asks " is everything alright?". the man quickly turns around to face tommy and growls with flesh sticking out of his mouth. that's when tommy realized why everyone had been acting so weird those last days. people were turning into flesh eating zombies! tommy ran back to his small home and locked the door behind him. he grabbed his shotgun firmly and sat behind the door. days went by. tommy had no food left and was starving. he knew he couldn't say foot or we would end up starving to death. he had to leave the city and find some food. his best chance are to find caned foods or hunting. hopefully he can figure things out.
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