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  1. Glenn was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 2005. They moved to Seattle, USA 2 years after his birth Until the age of 8 he lived a pretty normal, fun life, but shortly after his 8th birthday things went downhill. He was in the car with his parents. They were on there way to a shopping mall when a taxi driver lost control of his car, launching into the front of their Honda Civic. Unfortunately, only Glenn survived. He was taken into foster care a few days after and about 2 months later, adopted. Life was finally going okay for Glenn, until the virus broke out. He survived in a group for 5 years after the outbreak. They were all killed by infected one by one as time progressed. They were all weak, but somehow Glenn stayed alive. He was taught how to use weapons, even firearms, when he was just 13. Glenn has been alone for the past 3 years.
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