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  1. Birthed from an unknown mother in the summer of 2003, Abandoned and left at an orphanage until he was kicked out at the age of 18. He was always a quick learner and free spirited person growing up so he quickly was able to find a quick way to survive his new found homelessness from some not so legal connections he gained with a few drug dealers he used to scored weed and party drugs from, Though now he wasn't going to be parting anytime soon. In a short while after getting hooked up with a job selling a assortment of drugs James got lucky one day when he went to pick up his next "shipment" from his boss. When he got to the place no one answered the door, but it was unlocked so he decided to peek inside to see what was going down. Inside he found his boss and another man dead from what seemed like an overdose from what seemed to be a big white brick on the table in the living room. James' first thought was to bold but on top of getting his shipment he was supposed to pick up a nice thank you from his boss, so he quickly searched for some cash laying around, but what he ended up finding wasn't just some cash it was 3 duffle bags full of hundred dollar bills. As fast as he could it took to his apartment and decided to flee out of country as quickly as possible. James decided to rent a private jet and fly out of country , He landed in Norway hours before shit hit the fan
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