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  1. Vincent is 20 years old, His girlfriend died in childbirth while he was deployed in iraq, and his daughter also passed a few weeks after. When he turned 18 he left an abusive home, his dad an alcoholic and his mother, too scared to do anything. Vincent sustained many injuries, like a scar on the right side of his face when his dad hit him in the face with a sharp wire because he didnt wash his hands before dinner, and he has permenant scars around his wrists from being locked up as a little kid in his parents attic. He left to join the united states marines. he was deployed for a year in 2018, in iraq supposedly in a non-combat role, but that quickly changed when his compound got attacked. Him among a few other soldiers were wounded badly. and sent home. After getting home in 2019 There was an outbreak. and since then He has been trying to survive.
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