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  1. Born and raised in the Montana fields, Aydrin's father was a farmer and his mother was a nurse. He had an older brother that they took off on many adventures, exploring the prairies, forests, and the local caves. They learned a lot from being raised in a 'rural' type state that other boys compared to Aydrin never learned. Aydrin's father was very self sufficient, from maintaining his own equipment, knew the local lands, and was educated on agriculture. The family had inherited their lands from the United States policy of Homesteading and they have lived in this part of Montana ever since. His father instilled a self-reliant attitude with Aydrin as he was a tough but fair but seemingly held grudges for any past misgivings. This self reliance translated to his life view and to his reliance on others except his brother who he could trust with his life. Aydrin's mother since being a nurse in the local hospital, taught him what she knew of medicine and how to be empathetic. She taught him how fleeting life was and even shared some stories of people on their death beds when she had worked at the Intensive Care Unit which Aydrin kept near and dear to him. By the time Aydrin had grown up, he had enlisted to the United States Air Force as a Medic. From there he trained into becoming a IDMT (Independent Duty Medical Technician) and was attached to the AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command) unit in Florida. Their unit had recently went to a training exercise in Norway when an unknown virus had started to spread. Aydrin's background in medicine helped to prevent any spread of the virus to his unit but when a engineer contacted the virus from a local, the base he was at went into lockdown but it was too late. Aydrin had escaped with his life but his unit didn't, thus Aydrin managed to leave and find a way to survive, wandering into a place called Nyheim...
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