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  1. POV: Was with the group going through Dead City, when looting the area we saw the base on top a building along the main road. Searching for a way up we found that there was a series of floating metal platforms leading to the roof with the door of the base. There was a few of us so we attempted to boost over the front doors. We managed to get one person past the first door when we discovered that they had built an airlock. Seeing as it took all of us to get them into there we searched for an alternate path. I then fell when going back down and was unconscious due to falling and breaking my leg, once waking up I tried to walk and passed out again. By this time I saw that there was multiple of us in the same condition. After putting a splint on it and making it into a building to brace for the great storm. We then ran into some travelers/ local occupants and they aided in the recovery of our man stuck in the airlock and eventually into the main section of the base. Once in we looted and scooted.
  2. Kidnapped when travelling out of country for vacation after graduating college with a masters in aerospace engineering. I managed to escape my captives and flee to the west stumbling upon the region of Nyheim. I'm cold and am excited to use some of my survival skills I gained from watching "Naked and Afraid" with my grandma throughout high school. Once I have proven myself to the hierarchy that stands, I hope to return back State side at some point in the future. Until then I will continue to learn the land and adapt to the current populations structure and culture. When in college I learned much about the European culture and how they operate in terms of business. I hope to use some of these traits to aid me in survival whether it is by making friend groups or bartering with other players. I believe that my recent struggles dealing with other captives and captors will help in the event that I end up in a situation similar, no matter what role I play. I have a natural preferred leadership role, but am more than willing to sit back and learn what others already know especially in a region in which I am yet to explore.
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