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  1. From experience that battleeye query sometimes gets corrupted on initial load, that's when restarting it fixes the issue.
  2. +1 as long as it's stable, that would be fantastic for RP events.
  3. I voted to keep it as is. While it's not terribly realistic no one really gets cold, I think we run into a problem when it would force people to not dress the way they want their character to. Honestly, I think that gives more creative freedom than some relatively meaningless hot/cold stat and works better to encourage RP.
  4. I am all for NVG spawns and other lighting object spawns to be increased, but I quite like the darker night. Adds good atmosphere and encourages people to chill out and campfire RP for a bit rather.
  5. I would love to have that in.
  6. Nice work, has me excited to see what's coming.
  7. I am unfortunately awful at remembering names, but thanks everyone who went on some roams with me yesterday. From the little group who left New Haven to find a downed chopper, to the guys who followed me on an adventure into the city, had loads of fun.
  8. I definitely think more infected would be great, especially large roaming groups on roadways or in cities. It would make sense judging by the number of cities in the region and the population density. Makes things a bit tougher, but we are roleplaying a survival scenario after all.
  9. I haven't been on more than a day or two, but I would love to see a bit more variety in what can be sold. Even if that stuff is thrown into the ether by the trader once sold and not able to be repurchased, it would help provide a bit more income.
  10. Hello Just recently picked up DayZ again after spending a year or two rarely playing it. Wanted to get back into roleplaying, which I do a fair bit of with D&D and Shadowrun but haven't done in DayZ before. Already met some fun folks ingame and can't wait to expand on my character a bit. BTW, if you play Eve Online, hit me up at fanfest in May 7o Thanks y'all!
  11. Born in the United States while on a family vacation, Ivan was never able to truly meet his parents. Paperwork issues interceded and his parents home country of Ukraine refused his entry into the country as they had no record of his birth. His parents were forced to return as their lack of English led to them believing he would be returned at the airport. Stripped from his family he jump from foster home to foster home. He learned to survive selling old electronic hardware he would find on the street and repair, making a few dollars here and there. After turning 18 he was faced with a choice, being kicked from the foster system with no adopted parents and little prospects, Ivan joined the US Army. Trained as an all-source intelligence analyst, though he rarely talks about his time in the army, he left after several renewed contracts to found a small OSINT firm.
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