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  1. Thank you towards everyone who showed me Kindness today.. Jones, Miller, Madison and Whitewalker
  2. Johan van der Berg, born to a middle-class family 1971-12-25. He always was seen as a Christmas gift to his parents. He was successful in most aspects of life even though his sister Tineke was not. He always tried to care for his older sister to his best of his ability as she struggled with (drug) abuse. He feels a strong sense to care for friends and family. One doesn't give up.. no matter what.. keep going. Started to work in administration in 1984 at a large real estate corporation. Slowly worked his way up and settled in 1999 as a agent. He always enjoyed jogging and back in his prime, 1990, he would jog 20km a week. This is how he met his wife Anna. She worked in the shoe store where he bought running shoes and he stayed behind to have a talk with her. Talk turned into coffee, coffee turned into dating. And in 1994 they got married. They struggled getting children for a long while but finally in 2007 Peter was born (only child). Whenever possible Johan and Peter were inseparable. Modeling trains, riding bike, sports. This little devil was his everything. Work he has done quite successfully up until the outbreak of AVM-FLA-19. Everything turned chaos after that as his company, and society fell apart. He tried to maintain his family safe for as long as he could but in the end he failed and all his family was lost to 21NS. All alone with nothing left he felt his morale taking a severe hit. Netherlands no longer safe and nothing left for him, there, anyway, he bribed a fishing boat to sail him to Nyheim.
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