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  1. Paul Roberts, the one man plan from Montana, USA. An absolute menace in the woods. After being abandoned by his mother and father at the age of 12, being raised by rottneck hillbillys in the good old Montana. He eventually left at 18 to pursue his dream of becoming a trophy hunter and starting his own tv show. He would journey all across the usa, hunting ducks, bucks, and bears. eventually he would go global at 22 and journey around the world, mainly Africa. He would hunt wild boar and other beasts. Then he decided to go to Nyheim for a fishing trip in the year of 2018. He was making an astonishing amount of money from his craft. In 2019, at the age of 23 he started making a living in Nyheim off of his brand. He had started a little fish and land animal market along the shore of the city. When the outbreak broke out he was residing happily in his Nyheim home. He had enough skill and food to last him a lifetime. What people don't know is his also a doomsday prepper. When the year of 2020 came and everyone had went on lockdown he was happy, until his employees started to come to his house and rely on him. The next year thing went bad. After the vaccine was sprayed people started to attack. He ran out of supplies and made his way with his employees to a camp. Sadly they all died to the environment and/or the virus. He never made it to the camp but maybe he will eventually. His just been living on his own since then, On his path.
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