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  1. Lotus Butterfly, originating all the way from North Carolina, USA. He's a hunter, as it was a hobby of the Butterfly family. He had planned a hunting trip to Nyheim in hopes of catching massive bucks in 2019, Then the virus broke out as he got there. He was stuck as the government wouldn't let him board a plane back. He got stuck in the hotel he was in, good thing money wasn't a problem (His family happens to own a line of butcher shops so they just sent him money when they heard the news). He would continue to survive on the hotel breakfast, although he wasn't exactly content with the situation, he wasn't outraged. 3 years later in the year 2021, he was still in the hotel. His parent a little irritated with the fact the have to keep sending money, but they still do. After the people started to turn into crazies in his hotel, it went bad. He had to take a couple of them out. He went to the kitchen and stocked up on some food, then went back to his room. After months of troubles and problems he would head toward the refugee camp, having some trouble speaking to the natives, but managing to get by. He would soon leave the camp to survive on his own, on thats what he does best. This is where his journey would begin.
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