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  1. does anyone know where to get or can give code locks?
  2. can people help me find a Black Field Jacket with the medical cross on it
  3. Scout was born in the United States, not much is know about his early life until he joined the military at 16 due to him lying about his age around early 2017. Scout reappeared vagally between 2017 and 2020 as a Delta Force member, It's unclear when he became part of Delta Force but his Team consist of 6 People with Scout being their Recon, CQC, specialist and 3rd in command of the team. Around 2020 scout had entered a transport aircraft and never returned to America. The flight recorder was shown that the aircraft was damaged and flying low altitude then vanished off the radar. It's now assumed Scout is MIA, but they had sent a rescue team to investigate the crash site. and Scout had manage to make contact with the recuse through radio warning them to turn back and stay away from the crash site, but as soon as they landed the rescue team was attacked by scavengers and soon the undead. and that was the last time Scout's vice was heard on the radio and tasked him self to destroy the rescue teams helicopter in order to make sure it doesn't get in the wrong hands, scout had successfully thrown a grenade at the helicopter completeing his mission but before he blown it up he relayed a distress call warning about the dangers of what's going on and not to send back up.
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