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  1. Hailing from eastern Missouri, dead smack in the Midwest of the United States, John's story starts on 9/11. Dropping out of college, he joined the military to find some direction and a trade as the War on Terror kicked off. With several deployments to Afghanistan under his belt, a year in South Korea, and finally being stationed at Storck Barracks in Germany. From there, his unit was forward deployed to Norway to help with humanitarian efforts in areas around Oslo before the aerosolized mist events of 2021. Due to unrest, John's unit was ordered to move towards Nyheim and link back up with fellow soldiers from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. During this time he and his unit would take part in cleansing operations. He was horrified not just by the actions he was now carrying out, but also by witnessing the terrible lifecycle of the infected. He had come to find the very definition of humanity was shattered forever. As the pandemic spread, the collapse of order and discipline soon followed. It was only a matter of time when John would be alone in Nyheim. While reports around the world had been hard to come across these days, John managed to sneak a few emails back-and-forth with his family. Although, times have changed. Without access to the internet or phone services, all communications with the loves of his life slipped from his grasp. His hope slowly faded to deep sadness, the kind that appears still and cold. All he has now is the dim glow of hope, somewhere deep within him and fiercely guarded. To survive long enough to ensure his family's safety and a possible reunion is his only mission now.
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