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  1. I cant really remember much because as he said, it was back in november, but i remember holding him up and taking some of his ammunition, but leaving him with his food and other stuff. i understand now why the report has been put through and it was because we didnt really do much on the roleplay side of things. we simply just held him up and took the important things. other than that i dont have any evidence and dont really know what to say, im only now wondering why he didnt report it back in november.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-badrp-myshkino-military-base-s1?pid=1007469#pid1007469 Why the verdict is not fair: // Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand that we did not RP well, but we were very new to the whole experience. also the only things we took off of him was amunition, and we were only there for around 15 minutes so we were just playing it safe. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be able to plat RP again, as i was planning to stream it later tonight. What could you have done better?: Next time i get into a situation like that maybe keep the hostage around a little longer so that the RP can be abit more emmersive.
  3. had a good time roleplaying with everyone at my house south of stary last night! was nice to relax and forget about everything
  4. Basically, me and a few friends tried to hold up a guy, he was listening, and then all of a sudden some guy appeared on the roof with a rifle, little did we know he wasn't with the guy we were holding up, they were actually in a situation of there own. so we hid and told the hostage to come with us, whilst pointing two ak's at him. he didnt listen and started backing off, so i then started to handcuff him, he obviously didnt like it and backed off as i was doing it. then we got shot at and all split up, shortly after came our deaths. we fought as hard as we could but there was alot of shooting and confusion.
  5. i got force fed in elektro and shortly after died, i was lucky enough to escape the cannibals but i had alot of netting and was looking to make a ghillie suit, it got me pretty pissed.
  6. KieranTheBrit

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Casual attire shortly after posting that my character got reset..
  7. i know there were a few people that were friendly, but they got shot and i was one of the last, there were some ncr guys but they all got shot, i think from now i will be staying away from vybor, by the way, is there any rule against attacking strongholds? because the same happened to me yesterday and i got killed.
  8. I agree, that thing was a real panty dropper, I lost my AK too. Feels are to be had today my friend. Do you have any info on the KOSers? I'm a detective conducting an investigation, and you're a victim of the crime. Please file a report to me ASAP i will send you a clip of what happened, i was luckily streaming at the time so yeah
  9. i was the one in the nifty police jacket, thats the main reason im angry that i died, it was a good feature for my character
  10. My name was Ian Hobson, i think the guys there kidnapped my friend, his name was oscar, i remember chasing them but we lost them
  11. i was one of the people who got killed at the NCR base, i had my hands on my head and a broken leg, i then got shot but im not sure who by, i tried to explain that i was just visiting the base and wanted no trouble but they didnt listen, the group i saw had black bandanas but im not sure it was them who killed my friends.
  12. Thank you for the help, im quite enjoying it and maybe thinking of making my first youtube series on it, cheers
  13. Im not quite sure if this is the place to post it, but i was wondering if i would have to ask for permission to be able to stream some RP? ive seen lewis do it a couple times and it gets quite an audience