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  1. Josh was a amateur wood worker and an avid Hunter. He lived with his Mum and brother as he is still only young. Every year, he goes on a small hunting trip usually just in the UK. But sometimes he like to treat himself to a longer, abroad trip. He had always liked to do a tour around Europe living off the land a hunting the animals nearby. During the outbreak, Josh got very sick and his Mum died. She turned early on. This was very hard for his brother as he was super close to his mum and him. Instead of helping his brother, Adam thought that his emotions would just get in the way. He moved away to Norway while he could before the borders where closed off to the UK. He felt extremely guilty but there was no turning back. Not now. He set his boat ready and was headed for a small port-city. This was a fresh start for Adam and hopefully he can go back and visit his brother sometime soon. After a couple months of recovery, Josh got back on his feet and had learnt that his brother had left the country for a city in Norway called NYHEIM. Josh knew he had to go and look for him. he packed everything he thought he might need and set off for Nyheim with the hope that he could find his brother and bring him home.
  2. Sam was born and raised in the by his dad UK and is an avid hunter and survivalist. His dad (now dead) taught him everything he knows about it. At the time of the outbreak, Sam was on a lengthy hunting trip to Sweden for his birthday. After the trip when he had finished, he headed back for Norway to be on his way home. That was where his luck ran out. Borders had just been closed of to the UK and Scandinavia ,so for him, there was no way home for a long time. Three months pass and and thing have gotten out of control. Sam is left with nothing but what he has on his back and gives up on trying to get home. His main task is to survive.
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