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  1. On the 22nd of September 2006 Kelland Nates was born in Princess Alexandria Hospital. His mum Katie Harlow age 34 was a biologist that worked in a research lab for cures of disease's. His Dad Gabriel Harlow was an ex marine soldier serving from the age of 34 to 42. He left when he found out his wife was pregnant, and headed back to Harlow to be there for her. Growing up Kelland found it hard to fit in with the rest of his peers from a young age. Instead of playing video games and going outside, Kelland would rather listen to his dads story's, read about the army, study languages and stay at home avoiding the outside world. His mum and dad Found it hard welcoming into schools to a point where they decided that home-schooling was the best option for him. His Dad got a job in England, being a Doorman, and earned a small wage to help provide. By the age of 9 Kelland was smarter than most kids when it came to general knowledge. He would know How to look after himself and did not need as much support as other kids. However on the 3rd April 2015 Kelland's mum fell ill and had to quit work. This impacted everyone and with his dads small wage budget they struggled. Katie had to be taken up to different Hospitals far and close 4x a week for a check-up with the same results. Both Kelland and his dad knew it was strange as she was only getting worse and needed to get her help. They were a small family with the only reachable contact being his aunt in Florida. Kelland's father demanded change and felt best if both kelland and his wife could be provided better over in Florida for a few weeks whilst his dad went to speak to a doctor in Belgium who could 'work miracles'. The Journey for kelland and his mom was 11 hours in total. Once they got there they had to go by coach for 3 hours to reach his aunts House. Kellands mum was getting more sick to the point where she was turning blue. Half way there the coach unexpectedly stopped in the middle of the road. Kelland and his mum woke up to a traffic jam in the highway. Screams and terrors echoed the street with thousands of footsteps heavily hitting the ground. When everyone was leaving the coach kelland grabbed his mum by the hand and tried his best pushing through the crowds. Her coughs got louder and increased with minutes. It was almost like a stampede of people. Kelland decided to take his mum off the highway and onto the Greenland's. He didn't dare to look back as his mum was panting saying his name. All he thought of was what would his dad do to get his mum to be safe. They ran to the point where his mum collapsed onto the floor. At that point he turned around to hear the gunshots and smoke and saw the state of what he escaped. He looked down at His mum laying on the floor with blood spitting out of her mouth. Kelland had to try and save her and spotted a nearby barn out in the distance. Almost dragging her screaming help. As they go up to the doors a hand grabbed onto his mouth and he and his mum were pulled into a dark room with the doors were quickly pushes shut. He looked up to see a family of 4. A dark tall man, A woman with short hair and a scruffy bun and a kid around his age. "was she bitten" a dark figure in the back said. he was confused and asked for help with his mum. 4 months went by and the only thing that changed was the number of corpses outside. The family he saw welcomed him. with time. and his mum started to feel better with found medical supplies. enough that kept her going at least. Without knowing where his dad was or if he was ever gonna find them. Kelland celebrated his birthday alone. The only food managed to be found was tin cans of dog food. And water was filtered out of a nearby lake. Dark that's all he can remember it by. He thought that he could survive by himself in the wild. but not ever like this. His mothers pain impacted him to the point where he believed there was no hope. One night when everyone was sleeping they were attacked by a herd of creatures. He didn't know what they was but they were in a matter of seconds. there was no where to go. His mum was already awake aggressively yanking off planks of wood in the corner so kelland could fit through. That night is where the 11 year old boy died and a lost empty person would be walking by himself to the top of a hill. with all the guilt in the world. His mums death effected him the mostly but the fear in her lifeless eyes haunted him. Never getting to see his dad again. It was just down to key survival at that point and finding a new way. 8 years later kelland nates scavengers for food drink and shelter with no help or a sign to keep going. Lost in his own emotions. He lost counts years ago on the 'people' he's killed. But wants to try and find peace with himself which he does believe in with others. He's part of a pact in the mountains that he regularly goes back too
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