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  1. Hey there, my new friends. My tag is BlackAvarice, and what I've used as a gamertag or handle for the longest time. But if you happen to meet me in-game, you'll hear the name John instead. Now, I've been in DayZRP a few days already and just been exploring and getting a feel for it, and already got myself a base set up (both to my annoyance and happiness, as I find the foot traffic there to be high and every time I go home, there's a new friend to make). I've only got one question for y'all- how do I turn on VOIP easier because it keeps turning off mid conversation and making me look like a weirdo to the people I meet.
  2. John was born in the state of Louisiana in 2000. While most of his family was spread out over the U.S, he was close to his aunt Karen and uncle Ronnie who lived in the country of Norway. In late August of 2021, he flew to Norway to visit his family there, where he was quickly stranded when all international travel was shut down. He witnessed acts of violence in the streets and was keenly following various social media outlets posting videos of the riots and aggression, though he had no clue the cause of it all. It came to a head when the home of his family was attacked in the dead of night and his family killed, forcing him to escape into the wilderness in an attempt to avoid people. Through it all, he has no clue if his family back in the U.S. is still alive, or even if his home is in anarchy like Norway is, and seeks a way to return to the United States safely.
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