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  1. I remember waking up in the woods, my head throbbing from the betrayal of his former group. "You didn't pay us enough to care about your life" they said, "Give us everything and maybe you'll live", like I could trust them to let me live, I didn't comply with their demands so I guess they knocked me out and left me to die out here... oh well, everyone has their bad days. My name is Victor, most just call me the scarecrow... I think because I never take off my masks, which was a cut up burlap sack when I began my journey. Over time while exploring I've come across a few rare things, most of it gets traded or given away to people in need but its always fun to help everyone out, I've even sold my services as a hired gun for a few people. I came to Nyheim to see what kind of people would come out to meet me, see what groups or factions are taking over the land or keeping the peace, always intriguing when people kill each other over small things that wouldn't need bloodshed to solve. Even in an apocalypse, people are always quick to shoot, and even quicker to lie and betray. I on the other hand will do what I do best; Travel, Trade, make friends and enemies, and above all else, get my revenge where needed.
  2. Jun once served as a marksman for a private military company known as Cipher. Not much is known about the company, however reports have shown that members of Cipher have aided the USMC and USSR on occasion. Jun himself is reliable, caring and reflective individual. His reflective thinking is what he is pretty much known for, Friends frequently count on this and his amusing nature whenever they need cheering up. Nobody's perfect of course and Jun has less pleasant traits too. His cruelty and cynical nature tend to get in the way and make things uncomfortable to say the least. Fortunately, his quiet nature tends to keep him out of trouble on most days. After receiving word that he was being sent to Nyheim as a bodyguard he geared up and loaded onto a ship sailing towards his new destination. However, a severe storm would prevent the ship from docking safely and sank the whole crew. Jun woke up on the shores of Nyheim and gathered what he could from whatever washed ashore and headed inland, hoping to find at least one other survivor from the wreck. Jun is unsure how long he's been out, or if anyone survived, however he is determined to make sure to survive until help arrives. If all else fails, this is his new life now, surviving on Nyheim, his new home.
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