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  1. Hans was born from a burly mother in a wooden shack just outside of Frankfurt. From a young age Hans stood out from his peers. Being nearly 165cm at age of eight he towered over any other student. His mother taught him to do things that he felt were necessary. While not being the smartest, he understands what he is told. After barely completing secondary school, he attempted to join the German military but was removed after not taking orders due to in his words “Small man yell to much”. After a brief job working a butcher shop, Hans was offered a job a para-military contract agent. He would travel the world giving security details to a variety of high value customers. After the outbreak he was assigned to run security for a rather shady research team, nonetheless he continues to provide his expertise.
  2. Growing up in the underground in the late 2030s, Benjamin saw pain and suffering all around him. He became hardened and steadfast in his ways, when he set his mind to a goal, it was his mission to see it through. From a young age this inspired him more to forge his own path to fight the death around him. After the birth of his brother Colin these ideals were set in stone as he need to care for his younger brother. Colin suffered from being mute and thus could only communicate by means of physical expression. Due to their strong bond Ben always seems to understand what Colin means with even the slightest shift in body language. Their love of medicine only drew them closer together. Shadowing anyone medical knowledge within their community, they became skilled in the ways of medicine and surgery. In 2057, after the death of his parents, Benjamin and his brother followed the rumors of a city where things may return to what their parents always talked about. They spent much of the 2060s learning from locals to further their understanding of the human body and its needs.
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