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"Sláva Černarusovi, jejímu lidu a bojovníkům."

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  1. Xavier

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    i know you'll do us proud. good luck fellas.
  2. Xavier

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    i dunno im apart of one of the only groups fighting anarchy and we've had no problems oocly. seems fine to me personally
  3. Xavier

    Nordic Battlegroup

    good luck boys, i know this'll be good
  4. this pretty much, but let's take a minute to appreciate how well done these marine videos are
  5. Xavier

    Svoboda Movement

    It's really appreciated man. Not long ago, many of our members were new to DayZRP and DayZ as a whole and we're glad we can provide.
  6. Xavier

    Battlefield V

    No doubt that they're not going to not use swastikas. They want to sell the games in European countries, afterall. But I hope I don't see black nazis running around.
  7. Xavier

    Battlefield V

    Unless the Vietcong used the Iron Cross, I'd say so too.
  8. Xavier

    Praise Anarchy and all affiliates

    A Chernarussian man replies. It's clear he's being a cheeky piece of work. "Sorry, can you repeat that in English?"
  9. Xavier

    Praise Anarchy and all affiliates

    A Chernarussian replies. "What kind of name is Strawberry?"
  10. Xavier

    Praise Anarchy and all affiliates

    ** The radio sparks up again once more, as if someone was about to say something, but a bunch of people just laugh in response. The hum of the radio returns again.
  11. Xavier

    Praise Anarchy and all affiliates

    A different Chernarussian man chirps in. "What village are you from, miss? You don't sound like a city girl."
  12. going to be interesting to see how our groups interact