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  1. Xavier

    Vote now! - Screenshot of the Month Contest

    voted @Tander, we had fun times at cherno
  2. Xavier

    The Cavaliers

  3. Xavier

    Base building rules.

    Inverting walls is ABOGM, as it takes advantage of a clear bug to benefit oneself. But, I can really see where Rolle is coming from. It's counter intuitive for a roleplay server to allow walls to be destructed "willy-nilly" for the sole purpose of "I needed nails" or "I felt like it" or "I needed to get in to frag" when destroying walls is easy as. Just increase the amount of swings that a sledge-hammer takes to destroy a wall and count flipped walls as ABOGM. Maybe make sledge-hammers more rare. -snipped rest, moved to a more applicable thread-
  4. i've seen about three cars today alone. five yesterday.
  5. Xavier

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    Didn't expect this. Good luck fellas.
  6. Xavier

    Free Territory

    Haha, we had fun too. Thanks for the RP!
  7. Xavier

    Free Territory

    The radio station will be great. As for the 'permakill' rule. We've used it in the past and it hasn't had a negative impact on our roleplay before. We roll with the punches, but it's subject to change if things become ridiculous.
  8. Xavier

    Free Territory

    Joining The Free Territory has an extremely restrictive and tough joining process. Here, the amount of people within the group does not matter. Instead, their quality of roleplay and what they can offer to the group takes precedence. The process is as following: Please note, although we will be participating in hostile roleplay often, it is not the focus of our group and thus, if hostile roleplay is your only goal, do not bother applying.
  9. when rp: when rping as someone different from yourself, it's better to find music that suits them. gets you in their frame of mind. irregardless, these bands rock. highly recommended if you're into post-punk, psychedelic, alternative etc or if you're a slavaboo.
  10. Xavier

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's name: Alcohol Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Roleplay purposes, realism. Maybe give them unique names? Object's name: Cigarettes/Cigaretttes in mouth. Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Cigarette usage is very big in Eastern Europe, and having unusable packets doesn't really portray this. Realism also.
  11. Xavier

    Day or Night?

    I really don't know what everyone is talking about. Maybe it's a graphics setting thing, but flares, flashlights et cetera work fine for me. It's too dark without one, however.
  12. ^ If this doesn't work, enter the following into your launch parameters: "-name=First LastName" You can locate these parameters by right clicking the game, properties, set launch options then copy and paste the field.
  13. Xavier

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    Again, the same guy: "You gonna stop all eastern guys from coming in? No? Then your fortifications are useless. Get over yourself, your delusions of grandeur are just gonna get more people killed. Be smarter, dumbass."