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    Name: Vladimir Adamcik[/color] Age: 34 Height: 176 cm Weight: 185 Pounds. Hair: Brown, with light grays. Eyes: Brown. Pre-Outbreak Profession: Hunter, a butcher as well. Demeanor in Three Words: Friendly, Sarcastic, Patriotic.
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    Things happen, when they happen.
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    Hello! Hey. I'm Flynn, more well known from my online name, Xavier. I'm an Aussie. And no, I don't ride a kangaroo to school everyday and I'm allergic to most seafood. I'm planning on playing the Standalone server, I enjoy it more then the mod (odd I know). I will be following the adventures of my character, Vladimir Adamcik. He is rather... Patriotic, however isn't completely a nob. He helps people and all that good hero stuff. I hope my stay here is great!