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  1. I was playing STALKER yesterday. I'll give this a try later. @Ducky kisses you
  2. I'd try it out if it wasn't Chernarus. Just tired of it to be honest. Map looks good, but it has broadly European architecture. Maybe the U.S isn't such a great idea.
  3. I'm not really sure how true that is. It'd have to be noticeably better. Usually in PVP, you go through a 30rnd pretty quick. The advantage comes in the mag size, especially when it doesn't take a lot normally to take someone down with 5.56.
  4. I mean, you can argue all the semantics of what makes 5.45 better then 5.56 to try get people to use it all you want. A simpler fix would be adding larger magazine sizes.
  5. my fucking man

    1. RandyRP


      Thanks dude

  6. Stefan Reznicek Jaroslav Macek Roma Grigorievich Jonas Skalova Immanuel Cerny Mason Ainsworth
  7. i get what you're trying to do with the whole appeal to the community thing and it's cool, but you should send through an application on the forum section if you haven't already if you take a look at the roster they're low on support and moderators, so i'd wager your chances are pretty good
  8. Set up a bind with whatever application of your choice with an emote that appears in chat. Consider if it'd be visible with what you're wearing and whether you'd have it covered up. Disadvantaging your characters with something is always a good way to improve your character and roleplay. No one likes a Mary Sue.
  9. child rp is disgusting sorry. a twenty-something pretending to be a small girl (usually) is never right in my books. especially with how unrealistically they're portrayed.
  10. Do you think rural South Zagorians are really ordering Twitch merch to the point where you can find it in the same regularity as regular shirts? It makes sense to remove it. It's always been immersion breaking.
  11. @Roland is this a new donation tier?

    1. Roland


      This is a special recognition tier, for owning a real katana replica as well as in depth knowledge about waifus and husbandos.

    2. Xavier


      @Roland oh shit i better invest then, hit me up with a good recommendation 

  12. This is why the pre-built bases suggestion is so important. The current state of base-building doesn't allow this kind of action in a meaningful way, or at least in a way with that "cool" factor.
  13. I believe something similar, but not exactly this. I'd put it like: PvP complaints are partly influenced by IG hostilities deriving from group fights/and or events but are also largely influenced by a group's nature to dominate the server and it's roleplay (otherwise being the "big dogs"). As you said, when major complaints are generated, both sides should look to upgrade their RP. I don't personally buy that every complaint stems from another group's fight or some roleplay event. Groups are created with the notion, all the time and rightfully so, to try and dominate. We've had examples in the past which dominated (some for too long) because they were good at it and others that cause a spark for a week or two and get faded away. When these groups try to establish themselves and dominate (which is by their rights and creates roleplay), they sometimes go too far and this is what generates complaints. I'm not entirely sure what these groups could do without downgrading their goals and stance on other groups. Maybe they could adjust their roleplay to the person that they're roleplaying with, or the nature of that particular group. Certain groups will not find any fun in constant initiations and may enjoy intimidation more, some don't mind fire-fights, some don't mind firefights but want them less frequently, some groups won't mind executions constantly and whenever realistic - others character changing torture. Groups should try and improve their roleplay, perhaps through greater communication. Treat it like a relationship, talk to your partner (the other roleplay) post "the act" and see what they liked and didn't like.
  14. Xavier


    hi louie!!
  15. I really like this, the retrospective POV stuff is challenging for everyone but I think you're on the right path here.
  16. ... "it would be nice if the baby could turn into a NPC through time" this is such a weird suggestion dude imagine if there were child npcs i dont even want to consider this like in two months the item becomes a npc? wtf
  17. It'd be a regression to a more arcade-y style of roleplay. No thanks.
  18. No CSGO style paint-jobs. It'd be sweet to see real camo patterns and the such though.
  19. Really great stuff today fellas, the town is really bustling. Big shout out to @Baz and the pub Irish, really interesting dynamic with the Sergeant there. Hopefully we can sneak out for a couple of beers later. @juggsdayzrp - shame that you lost the M249
  20. Are we going to see a return of this wiki? https://www.dayzrp.com/wiki/ It showed a lot of real potential, for both the lore and in-game insights. Could potentially save the support team a lot of time.
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