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  1. I was playing STALKER yesterday. I'll give this a try later. @Ducky kisses you
  2. I'd try it out if it wasn't Chernarus. Just tired of it to be honest. Map looks good, but it has broadly European architecture. Maybe the U.S isn't such a great idea.
  3. I'm not really sure how true that is. It'd have to be noticeably better. Usually in PVP, you go through a 30rnd pretty quick. The advantage comes in the mag size, especially when it doesn't take a lot normally to take someone down with 5.56.
  4. I mean, you can argue all the semantics of what makes 5.45 better then 5.56 to try get people to use it all you want. A simpler fix would be adding larger magazine sizes.
  5. my fucking man

    1. RandyRP


      Thanks dude

  6. Stefan Reznicek Jaroslav Macek Roma Grigorievich Jonas Skalova Immanuel Cerny Mason Ainsworth
  7. i get what you're trying to do with the whole appeal to the community thing and it's cool, but you should send through an application on the forum section if you haven't already if you take a look at the roster they're low on support and moderators, so i'd wager your chances are pretty good
  8. Set up a bind with whatever application of your choice with an emote that appears in chat. Consider if it'd be visible with what you're wearing and whether you'd have it covered up. Disadvantaging your characters with something is always a good way to improve your character and roleplay. No one likes a Mary Sue.
  9. child rp is disgusting sorry. a twenty-something pretending to be a small girl (usually) is never right in my books. especially with how unrealistically they're portrayed.
  10. Do you think rural South Zagorians are really ordering Twitch merch to the point where you can find it in the same regularity as regular shirts? It makes sense to remove it. It's always been immersion breaking.
  11. "Who Dares Wins." Mason Geoffrey Ainsworth (born 22/03/1985) was born Perth, Australia to a middle-class family and was baptized into the Anglican faith at St. George's Cathedral. Attending a public highschool in his local area, Ainsworth excelled in physical education and Literature studies, but managed to fall behind in the sciences and maths. Aged 17, his parents divorced and ended up moving to the United Kingdom with his father. His accent became an oddity at the private establishment school he went to for the remainder of his high-school life and did well in his A Levels. As opposed to leaving to University upon his graduation, Ainsworth opted instead to join the British Armed Forces and was placed into the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment 1. Battalion. Under the 1. Battalion, he served a seven-month tour of Iraq in 2004 and later a second tour in 2006. By 2009, Ainsworth had applied and successfully tried out for the SAS and served a series of deployments in Chernarus and Afghanistan. Ainsworth was put under review for poor conduct early July 2017, but was cleared come the 10th of July start of the Apocalypse. There, Ainsworth was involved in the training of police forces to deal with high intensity situations and new conduct under Her Majesty's Government's policy on the infection. Under the SAS, he was involved in a series of raids against bandit clans that had became prevelant in the countryside. Recently, since the bombing of England by Irish militants, Ainsworth has been involved with the tracking down of said Irish militants.
  12. sometimes you just hit the gas and start to think about the crusades, man. bunch of long-haired, big arm white boys running into ... middle earth and just, having it out.

    who loves God more?

    brown people, black people, white people.

    all in one space just fucking it out, fighting it out. 

    i love God more - no i love God more. i'll suck your dick.


    1. Mexi



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