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  1. PC MASTER RACE!! although idk how are they going to fit all the controls in PS4, stuff like scroll wheel, dragging and dropping stuff in the inventory Voip , Movement, gestures.. i guess we will see when it comes out
  2. Rox

    [SLP] Strangeland Pub [Invite Only]

    I have been searching all around chernarus for the pub !! now i know where to go
  3. Rox

    Dying Light

    They fixed most of the performance issues with a patch although its really similar to Dead island, they have a really really really super cheesy dialogs which kinda kills it, although if you are not interested in the story, its fun to loot craft and f**k zombies up with your massive arsenal, also the skill tree is super cool you can do a lot of cool stuff with it i would say wait for it to go on sale then buy it because its not worth 60$ because once it ends then that's it you will have to replay the same stuff again
  4. Rox

    High desync

    Well its of a mix of your setting and DayZ engine, usually no matter how good your PC are your frames are really low in cities and around other players for some reason. also Dsync might be caused by your internet connection and your frames. if you see someone rubberbanding infront of you that's usually caused by low frames, try doing this: - Shut off all internet browsers, unnecessary background applications - Mess with your graphic settings a little bit, try turning stuff that you don't need such as clouds - Try logging out from the game and restart your internet connection / Router - sometimes the problem is caused by your ISP which you can't do much about other than just sit and wait Hope your problem is fixed
  5. -snip- /Sung Do not give direct hints as to what the pass-phrase looks like.
  6. Big part of it is the BI engine, this is a common problem for everyone who plays ArmA II, ArmA III, Dayz SA.
  7. Rox

    Emotions with DayZ RP

    i raged quite DayZ a while ago when i got killed while i was having a trading RP on public server, but then i found about DayZ RP. now i can meet people trade with them hangout in a survivors town and not get shot on sight !
  8. Rox

    Server stability poll

    Yes they do crash quite often they are really unpredictable like one time it crashed 2 times within 15 Mins. as Hex said its not the server provider fault, its just the game bug part of it is the massive amount of loot in some places also what i have noticed is when a large amount players hangout in one place the server seems to crash for some reason.
  9. Country: Canada English skills: Very good english, not my first language though. DayZ Mod Experience: None, i discovered BI games after i bought ArmA III DayZ Standalone Experience: I played DayZ SA since it first came out so about 1 Year now. Roleplaying Experience: i started roleplaying back in Altis life i have been roleplaying for around 2 Years now mainly in ArmA 3 (Altis Life, City Life 3 ) What kind of In Game role best describes you: A Survivor with a military background looking for a post apocalyptic settlement Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: IM FRIENDLY ! Best way to contact you: PM on the fourms, DayZ RP TS Backstory: Hello, My name is Rox, and im a survivor !, i came to Chernarus on a business trip when it all started, I used to be Ex. Military and i have participated in the NATO campaign in Stratis, after i got honourably discharged i packed my things and moved to Altis that's where i got a career in the APD (Altis Police Department) i worked my way up from Cadet to a Captain. After few years of serving with the APD i decided im going to start my own business to help the law enforcement forces on Altis. Thats how Ravenwood Security Solutions came to life !, i started that company to help manage the uncontrollable parts of the island, we had a very hard selection process and we only took Ex Military or Ex Law Enforcement. we also offered a Huge Logistical support on the Island, with our ground support for the APD we had a very strong Air presence on altis, we had scout choppers to monitor the rebel activity on the ground and we had Cargo Helicopters moving food, water, ammo and medical supplies across the Island. back to how i got to chernarus, i arrived two days before it all started i was trying to expand Ravenwood to help the local government in chernarus, After a long day of work i went to the hotel bar drank a few and went back to my room in the International Hotel, next thing i know is the loud bang that i heard ! i ran outside the hotel and all i saw is smoke and fire, there was plane crash feets away from the hotel, i turned around and there was people attacking other people biting them ! thats when i knew something fucked up have happened, i started running and running into the woods. now here i am in an unknown land roaming trying to find any survivors, haven't seen any till now it still amazes me how people are fighting other people instead of the dead ones, i have seen many massacres in villages and towns inland. i think almost everyone on this soil is a bandit, but im sure there is someone out there fighting these badnits.
  10. I have been playing for few days and i traded with everyone ! except the bush man and his friend who held me up in a police station somewhere north, although they were nice enough to throw book inside so i spent my time learning to speak russian
  11. Rox

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    But i want to see my character all swaged out !
  12. Rox

    Arma 3 Life death

    Wooh that's fucked up. ! but hey Karma is a bitch !
  13. Rox

    Arma 3 Life death

    yes they have some content issues and there is a 2000 signaturea petition against them, even their project lead Caiden was banned from BI official forums, but this sounds highly unlikely from my opinion with all the troubles they had with other famous ArmA3 coders they actually have a big player base, if you go to twitch you will see that a large number of streamers are broadcasting Arma 3 life.. I guess we will see when we have a source