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  1. My name is Katka Stepanov. My whole life I lived in Chernarus and I just cannot think of living somewhere else. I love my country and their people. I grew up in Berezino. My paretns have been lovely and caring. My fahter was not home often but when he was, he always treated me like his princess. My family had a big house near the beach. We had everything we needed. While my father worked at the hospital, my mother stayed at home with us. My brother Boris, eight years younger than me, required all of her educational skills. I on the other hand was a "good kid", as people had told me. I did what I got told to do. My mother always kept us safe and took care of us. She was kind, loving and so funny. When my father was at home, I tried to spend as much time with him as I possibly could. He taught me everything I know in life. He taught me to fight for what I believe in and to fight for what it is right. My parents always tried to help everyone in need and because of my father, the trauma surgeon at the local Berezino hospital, our family was and still is highly respected by the locals. 2004, when I was nineteen years old, I moved to Elektrozavodsk. I had just finished school and directly started to write for the local newspaper. I cannot deny that my Name helped me to get the job. At the beginning I wrote about local stores, local people... small stuff and none political. In 2005 my mother was killed and brother vanised while my father was away in America, supporting his Sister Adéla and her Chernarussian-American husband Stephan. She was pregnant and sadly died while giving birth to my cousin named Scout. While I was never close to Adéla, I will always protect Scout. I still dont know what happened to my mother and my brother but I will fight till the end to find out. My father blames the Russians and while I believe him, I need to know for sure. After those events I felt helpless and did not know what to do. I puried myself in work. My articles slowly became more and more political. In 2009, during the war, I stayed home and helped people in need. While my father was fighting for our country, it became clear to me that I need to fight too. When it was clear that the CDF and NAPA had lost the war against the russians, my father came back, injured, but alive and I made a decision. When I was little he told me: "Never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it". My father already had a plan, so I asked him if he would need me, if I could be of any help. He did not tell me his plans in all the details, but he gave me certain tasks. At first I only was the "daughter off Dr. Dimitri" but I worked hard. I gained trust and respect within that small group for my writing skills. Years over years I supported them on the outside as good as I could without drawing attention from anyone. I was part of the movement.
  2. We will see... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I had a long run without getting robbed/taken hostage and I was so happy that the 503 actually took me & @Ron and tortured us. The roleplay given was fantastic. I always try my best to be a realistic hostage - playing out pain and fear. I also love to have a hostage if the hostage gives realistic roleplay by playing out pain/fear and I try to give my best as a hostage taker. The last time I had a hostage I got the IC order from the famous bandit hunter @AndreyQ to kill the guy but I refused as the guy was so nice, telling me about his kids ingame... He did get through to my character and believed everything he told me. I just could not kill the guy even though I had rights, by the rules, to kill him. I loved that scenario. So, to make it short: I love it both equally - If done/roleplayed out good and realistic. In my time here I only had a few bad encounters and the most of the time it was just great. I wish @Stagsview would take me as a hostage once more - It was just awesome!
  4. Exactly what @AlkisLR wrote. Jump ingame, run around and if you meet someone be carefull. It is not a bad thing to be nervous even though I can understand that the feeling does not feel nice. However, you can use that feeling actually ingame!
  5. IMO best advise: Go ingame and find out yourself Good luck and welcome back!
  6. Getting perma'd because of old age and bitterness.
  7. Shiiiiiiiiit! Now I am scared to log in! Glad to see this group back!
  8. All the members are disappointed.

    Funny Face Laughing GIF


  9. I love it Good job!
  10. I know... I know. It's Olga speaking... not me. She is a slut, right?
  11. Privet! Look at that ass ... date-worthy, isnt it?
  12. Question Olga everytime you want and how you want ❤️


    1. Roman


      Oh snap.

      *puts on his rubber gloves*

  13. Yes! I will say the exact same! It was awesome. Thank you for the roleplay... and remember! Olga loves all of you
  14. Thank you so much for the roleplay today. It was organised, even though you had to deal with a lot of people. Different people roleplayed with me/us during the time there. The roleplay was believeable and funny. It was loud at times and yet you always had everything unter control I really enjoyed my time with you and secretly I wished the test would have taken longer Maybe Olga will has luck and will find a good soldier
  15. Cannot take long... No need to celebrate.
  16. Exactly this ^ It also was suggested many many times... use the search function... example: https://www.dayzrp.com/search/?&q=first person&type=forums_topic&nodes=7&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy Sidenote: We even had a first person server only and it was closed down again as no one wanted to play on it.
  17. In the suggested mod is nothing new or special we dont already have ingame. The things we have ingame are imo even more unique. Therefore I voted no.
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