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    beanz for beanz ❤️

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    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    But they also could be on a loot run into another town, moved away to get some water or whatever. You simply do not know if the people are there are not. The information that the owners are offline is purely based on OOC information and not to gain while ingame. And even if, it would be still on them to guard their own base imo. I guess we just disagree which is fine. Would be horrible if everyone would have the same opinion. Have a nice day. ¯\_(ツ)_/
  3. Terra

    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    My explanation comes from an RP perspective too. Why exactly does it not make sense to you? What is is not roleplay about it? Imagine this scenario: I walk around with one of my bratři, we have internal roleplay and we stumble upon a base in a town. We look around, talk to each other, make noise, try to make contact to whoever is maybe there, see if anyone is responsive. No one is there. We decide that we want to have a look. There is a wall. Well, we work together and break down the wall to see what is inside. What about a scenario like this is not roleplay? I had this many times to be honest.
  4. Terra

    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    If people do not want their gear stolen then they should stay online to defend whats their's. If I go ingame and finde a base, tent or whatever and no one is guarding it, I take what I need and do what I need to get my hands on it, if that means breaking down a wall, then I will break down a wall. Thats the game, thats the thrill and I think it should stay that way - everything else is unrealisitc in my opinion. Dont get me wrong, I do understand the frustration of the people who build bases and get raided. However, it is everyones own choice to build a base or to have a tent stashed somewhere. But to defend it is on them, not the people running around finding it. -1 Just my two bullets.
  5. Branka Hnát My name is Branka. I was born and raised in Chernarus, in a town on the coast called Kamenka. In the beginning I had a happy childhood. I loved to play outside with children from the neighbourhood. Thinking back, I wish I could be a little child again. So innocent and pure, with a heart full of hope for a great future. I remember playing at the beach, playing with the sand, trying to catch some fish with my bare hands. Smelling the salt of the water always brings back those memories. It makes me sad and angry at the same time. The happy childhood was torn apart when the war started. I was twelve years old when the war began. My father Matus had to go whilst my mum, Simona, stayed with me at home, hoping for him to return safely. At this time I had to help around the house. I actually had to learn how to fish so we always had enough to eat. I remember this time as if I was living surrounded by thick fog. Almost every day some of our neighbours recieved the news that their husbands or sons have died and would not come back. I remember the day we got the news that my dad would not come back. That he had died. That he was killed. I remember it that well, because since that day I counted the days till the war was over. It was day 13 after we got the news that my father got killed, when around seven or eight man where standing in our house, speaking russian. They demanded food and money. My mum tried her best to give them what they wanted, but I knew it was not everything they wanted. I got to know a lot of people in and around kamenka who experienced the same. They sent me outside and the last thing I saw for around 3 hours was my mum fake smiling at me, nodding at me, telling me that everything would be alright. I heard her cry, I heard them laugh and giggle. When they left, they winked at me, one after another. My mum could barely walk, but she pretended that everything is alright. She was never the same. I finished school when I was 15 years old. I had to work to earn some money since my mum was in a different kind of world. She never went outside again, she never opended the door for anyone again, she demanded that as soon it would get dark outside, we only should use candles to have some light. "We dont want to get any attention, Branka", she explained to me. I worked in local stores, I worked in pubs, I worked at the harbour. I never actually learned a job. I had a lot of friends and a lot of them had the same bad experience that I had. Many of them had to do the same thing as I had to do. Taking care of the rest of my family... my mother. I was twenty years old when the world seemed to change again... only a little bit different. I saw the news, I saw the creatures. My mum told me, that this was the russians, sending those creatures to kill everyone... that this was their plan all along. "You will see", she said. "You will see what they are capable off ...but you are strong my girl". She packed a bag for me, food, a knife, a warm jacket while I stood next to her, begging her to let me stay. I cried since I did not understand what she was about to do. Her eyes, looking crazy..., she yelled at me and demanded I go. I got my bag and set my foot outside and with a loud bang she closed the door right infront of me. "You will survive, Branka", she screamed through the closed door. "You will survive if you stay away from all russians. Dont you ever trust them, my little girl", she yelled while crying... I could hear it. I stayed two days around the house. Many people have been coming and going to the checkpoint which was built in Kamenka. It was impossible to flee with a vehicle. On this night a massive storm broke loose and I tried once again to talk to my mother through the door. This time I got no answer. I kicked in a window and climbed inside just to see my mum dead on her bed, next to her some pills. I knew it was not her fault. I knew who to blame. It started the day we had those filthy russians in the house. I was not even mad at her. I kinda felt reliefed and at the same time I knew that from now on, I am on my own. I stayed a night with her, packing up some things I thought I could use. I did not realise what exactly happened, but I knew I could not stay at home anymore the minute I saw the first creatures in Kamenka. I moved into the woods. I hoped to find some friends but sadly I did not... until today. dislikes russians steals to survive hotheaded and angry loves to dance likes a drink or two loves to laugh is a good listener On the search for... her childhood friends a place to settle some sort of revenge inner peace
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    Cerna Liska Media Thread

  7. Terra

    Staff Feedback: Hex

    Link to the situation: Help in Discord via voice Any supporting evidence or notes: / Feedback: I went to the helpdesk to ask some questions about a Report and maybe permission to post in it. You took the time to read the Report and answered all the questions I had. You also did listen to all my explanations and overall seemed very relaxed but also focused and interested. At no point did I feel that I annoyed you with my questions or that you do not enjoy the talk. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Thank you for the advise about what would be the best to do and how to approach the situation. Suggestions for improvement: Stay that way
  8. Terra

    From Germany with love

    Another German... great! We are getting there! Welcome!
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    Cerna Liska Media Thread

    You are beautiful no matter what they say! @uSx
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    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Still love this video Thanks to @Muntz and all ex CLF @Gina
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    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    9/10 Would love to see more pics - However, the music creates a great atmosphere while reading, its amazing.
  12. Terra

    The Game

    Thank you @Cid I wont go down alone so I will call in @Lyca @Ron @Stagsview @uSx @Roman @AndreyQ @Roland
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    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    I was logging back in right after the crash and had to wait in the queue.
  14. Terra

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you! Loved the roleplay too.
  15. Terra

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Branka Hnat POV: We met the suspect at green mountain and tried to roleplay with him. It started with a fist fight between Branka and Raul as he was rude towards Benedikt - I won. We decided to took him as a hostage and took his radio and searched him for weapons. We then walked to the summer camp to further the roleplay and to find out where he is from... Roleplay in general. For someone who had nothing on him, for someone surrounded by so many people, he was really mouthy and rude roleplay-wise. OOC I got the impression that he did not want to RP at all, or maybe was annoyed or maybe both. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mid-Roleplay the Server crashed and we all had to log back in. When I was back in, Raul was not in the Server as he crashed. I then got shot and died.
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    Alles Liebe und ein schönes Wochenende!

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      Vielen Dank, werde ich haben. 😄 

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    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    @Cipher I really like your profile pic and the backround. It is also not too much, so this is me rating your profile with a 10/10. Nicely done.
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    Infamous Groups/Characters

    SDS & SVR back in the days and french foreign legion
  20. Terra

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    Love it!
  21. Terra

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Why is everyone talking about "ex staff". Its "ex staff" for a reason.
  22. Terra

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Thank you so much! Branka is on her way
  23. Terra

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    I have to thank you guys. It was great! Could not think of a better way to end Emmi's adventure. Special thanks to @Oisin, without you it would have not been possible! Awesome hostile RP everyone should encounter. Loved every bit... even the server performance couldnt ruin it! Much love!
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    Fix for the compile error

    That fix worked for me! Thank you!
  25. Terra

    Returning... I guess?

    I understand. Welcome back.