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  1. The Deal With It Attitude

    "Back in my days" as an Admin I hat to rule4 from time to time WITHOUT discussing it, simply because of the fact that no one was around and this does not mean that the other admins did not discuss my decision afterwards, reversed it or agreed. I did this because I felt the community will get harmed or has been harmed. That's how rule4 can be used by Admins - like Rolle already explained. If it was a good move from Aiko to use rule4 in her own report is another question. Was she allowed, aside the normal protocol to use rule4 (in her own report)? - Yes. Was it a good decision? - In my opinion No. = these are two different topics.
  2. Really great and thought through character! Good music! 10/10
  3. @Rolle You wrote here: And then this: Which is in discussion exactly because of the point you made in the first quote. So, you dont want to give people less chance to fight back when attacked but at the same time it will be that way, as already pointed out multiple times.
  4. Can't take the pics serious. You clearly thought about everything. 5 for effort /10
  5. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    You had better ones. 7/10
  6. Boys Only Thread

    And we stole all mens trousers.
  7. Boys Only Thread

    you too when you open your mouth
  8. Boys Only Thread

    Or what? 1.1 We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. In other words, don't be a cunt.
  9. Boys Only Thread

  10. Boys Only Thread

    Boys only... Report me!
  11. 8.02.2018 - 5 years! Do i get something @Rolle ? I would suggest one flamepost for free? What do you think?
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  12. @Retro & @Ron Thanks for that nice roleplay! Logged in, met you = had fun. "Ass & titties". <3
  13. Absolutely agreeing with you.
  14. But you know how it would go, right? In that scenario described, the second I would try to say anything, trying to re-initiate, I would be shot dead. That's fact and everyone knows it. How is that fair?
  15. I have to agree with a lot of people here. We claim to try and have realistic roleplay on the server and now we take away the most realistic behaviour that I could think of (besides fear) - My friend gets initiated on, most likely has a weapon raised to her/his face. I now need to re-initiate in order to help him/her, most likely standing right next to my friend. As soon as I would raise my gun my friend and I would be dead. (Obviously if outnumbered I would not even bother to try anything) However, if I would be in a house and my friend would be on the street and my chance of helping him/her would be bigger, I could not do shit, which in my very own opinion is unrealistic. As @Mademoiselle wrote, this will cause more hostile actions as people know that their friends cannot do anything unless they would re-initiate - which most people will not do/or die. I am all for hostile RP, dont get me wrong, but it should be fair for every player (group or not) and this new trial-rule is just not if you consider that on top of this, group members share now kill-rights all over the map. Not a fan.
  16. Things have taken a turn...

    Be yourself, be proud of yourself and love yourself! Do whatever makes you happy.
  17. This was a hell of a read. First I thought "Shit, that colour!" but on the second look I really like it. Love the music too. 10/10
  18. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Kinda strange, kinda good. Mixed strange and good = 10/10
  19. The Game

    I am very very sorry @Aiko. Currently i am super busy. I am waiting for @Ron's Report to get solved. Must be any minute now!
  20. [Game] GIF Response

  21. [Game] GIF Response

  22. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    No one said you cannot play as a native american. The way it is played out is what is in question - for me. Quoting myself again to hopefully make it more clear: