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  1. Terra

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks @Jackfish. I am sorry for slapping you.... but just did not understand!!!! I hope you enjoyed the roleplay as much as I did!
  2. Terra

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I dont want to scare anyone...you bully. But I agree with your statement.
  3. Terra

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    You have been in Staff before me. in 2015- interviews. He joined 2017 - there have also been no interviews. Anhow, bottom line here is, the current whitelist is too easy.
  4. Terra

    "Racism" in Roleplay

    It has been discussed many times. It is allowed as long at it is IC. If people have problems with it OOC, it is one them to learn how to seperate IC & OOC. What is the purpose of this discussion?
  5. Terra

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Yes I am sure. I was Admin at the time.... Not sure what Server you applied for. The only time we spoke to people about their whitelist was when they failed 3 times and got another chance. They had the chance to come to the TS and speak to a member of Staff - not a Admin... could be anyone in Staff, and got helped with their whitelist while having their last chance.
  6. Terra

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Not true. We never interviewed people in order to play here. In the beginning you only had to submitt a backstory. 2015 it was already an automated system and the Admins had to read the answers and approve the whitelist. No interviews.
  7. Terra

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    There have never been a 'interviewapplicationprocess'. The whitelist needs to be harder and not unlimited to make sure that people actually read & understand the rules in order to be able to answer the questions. I have no idea if the questions have changed since the last time, but letting people in who needed alot of tries and just passed the whitelist by 'luck', makes no sense to me. Right now, most of the new players have zero clue what this server is about. It just shows how bad the whitelist process is.
  8. Terra

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    Whohoooo! Welcome you two poor souls.
  9. Terra

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    10/10. I like that you play an older guy. The way you describe him is easy to read. Music and art fits just great.
  10. Terra

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you @TheDeepOne for the roleplay. We still have not decided if we rob you or not. I enjoyed roleplaying with you. <3 Also thanks to @Cals @Craig @Elmo @Ron @Kordruga @Castiel @Majoo @Para for the roleplay. Always enjoyed it.
  11. Terra

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    I really dont care about your 'RP' on the end of your name. By reading this, you make it sound like you are actually biased because of the 'RP' on the end of your name. Fact is, your are a member of Staff - No matter if Support or GM or Admin and you should always have an opinion. Your duty is to clarify, explain, calm down a situation and so on. Your input matters. And what matters more is the fact that you are an active community member who plays on the server for more than just a few days... you are experienced. If you define yourself only by having the 'RP' in your name, then maybe consider your position in Staff. Even the Co-Owner said: "Staff does not keep track of friendship..." and you should handle it the same way. Thank you for sharing your opinion on the matter.
  12. Terra

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    If you are confused about the problem so many people seem to have, then maybe read the posts and explanation given by numerous active community members about their problem. Maybe you then understand the frustration and confusion about the ruling of the verdict. If you dont see a problem, I assume you understand the verdict and maybe could give your input about the ruling as a member of Staff.
  13. Terra

    False Report?

    I really hope that this verdict was made because of a misunderstanding of the rules. A misunderstanding, like for example of the false report-rule or any other rule, can be cleared up to make sure everyone understands the rules and knows why we have those rules implemented in the first place. This verdict makes no sense at all and i hope the admins will see this and correct it. I also hope they make sure the rest of the team will understand the rules, clarify & explain them and how to apply & use them correctly. As of right now, to break it down: This verdict promotes ruleplay over roleplay & the use of the false report rule is simply incorrect.
  14. Terra

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Pretty cool! Good backstory, nice art. 10/10 @Peril you also seem to update the page every now and then, thats awesome.
  15. Terra


    1. Lyca


      I don't know why I clicked it... I knew it what a trick.

      And I still did it? 

    2. Aiko


      SMH never trust Terra with links.

  16. Terra

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    Loved finally meeting you ingame on good terms
  17. Terra

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    You seem to be very active. Your character page is awesome. Good job!
  18. Terra

    [Game] GIF Response

  19. Terra

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Mod but unknown to me so I rate 8/10
  20. Terra

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    10/10 Nice story and art on the page. Only thing I dont like is Cara as the picture, but that should not matter. Really nice!
  21. Terra

    Kill, torture or rescue the guy or girl above you

    torture and then maybe kill
  22. Terra

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

  23. Terra

    Forced listening

    9/10 I really like his voice!
  24. Terra

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    @Ender @Lyca @Oliv @Roland & everyone else ❤️

    1. Roland


      End me

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    3. Terra


      Awww @Oliv

    4. Oliv


      and I meant every word of it too ❤️

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