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  1. I screamed! I will see if I have the video (tomorrow)
  2. Romantic driving in the rain @Ron
  3. Thank you @OxeN, @Challenger & @Rutkiy fo the roleplay. Loved the outburst! Having good hostile roleplay without initiating! Just hostile words. Hope to run into you again! #letmebeyourhostage Also thank you @Realize & @Conor for standing up for Iva! ...and the rest of the group protecting her.
  4. Hi @Roland I have a few questions. I want to understand the situation fully and so I figured the best way to achieve this is to ask you directly. I do this in this thread because I think it can help understand not only me but others as well. 1. Can you explain to me why this situation is dealt with OOC and not IC? 2. Why is it you are involved in this and why do you think your help in this situation is needed? 3. Why do you think this situation cannot be dealt with IC? 4. Why is it you think the group is neutral when they IC dont act as a neutral group? 5. Did you base your decision and your thoughts about this situation solely on the word of the leader of King's Ridge? 6. You talk about a neutral group and their group goals in your post. Does this mean that group goals of a neutral group stand above other goals of other groups which are not seen as neutral? Thank you in advance Edit because of your answer @Roland 5. Why is that? Why do you take one word over another? Thank you again Again @Roland 5. I dont think it is about if the information about the ultimatum was correct or incorrect. The information incorrect is that they claim to be neutral, while others say they are not, backing it up with IC information. So you take the word of the leader of King's whatever and base your decision on it. That is exactly taking one word over another, is it not?
  5. Well said!

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    1. DrMax


      wasnt me tv land GIF by YoungerTV

    2. Terra


      @DrMax I know that ❤️

      Sad, isnt it?

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      I bean this

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  6. I run around with a knife. You will be fine.
  7. Stay calm and only post relevant information. This is the only warning! Any violation after this warning will be given warning points!
  8. Terra


    Hi and welcome Read this: https://www.dayzrp.com/join/ And yes, you need to get whitelisted, which you already are. But you have to create a character. Here: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/
  9. Rescue of course... as I am the hero you need @CapitalistNick
  10. Again, just because you dont get Roleplay does not mean there is none. You claim there is no purpose and no roleplay involved when people break into bases while the base is ungauarded. That is simply false.
  11. I even raid bases when I am alone. So the next time I see my group I can RP that out. Great RP.
  12. I dont find "offline" raiding "dumb". Why would I not break in a base if the owners are not there? And why does a "raid" not allow for good RP or further the RP of the people doing it? Example: When I am online with my group and we stumble upon a base and we decide to break in, we do it while actively roleplaying with each other, based on IC interactions and not like you claim, driven OOC. It allows us, in the mentioned scenario, to remember the "break in", roleplaying it out. It sure does further the RP for every member in the group in many certain ways. If you decide to have a base and you dont want people to break in, then make sure it is guarded all the time. Breaking into bases, taking things from other people, is a realistic scenario which I am happy that everyone is allowed to play out. To yout suggestion: -1 See my example above. Offline raiding is fine & even good RP. Just because it does not further your RP, does not mean it does not at all.
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