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"Oh wait... you are just old and bitter"

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  1. Saw this and immediately thought of you. Ah memories.


    1. Conor




      But I did and I lost.

  2. Terra i mis you ❤️ 

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  3. Thank you for everything! I had a great time with you guys
  4. Dorota is sitting in a small house somewhere near a forest. While she kneels, she takes the radio and places it in front of her, while she has taped down the transmission button. She closes her eyes, her hands folded to pray and starts to talk in chernarussian. Her voice sounds calm and soothing. "Praise the Lord, all you gentiles! Laud him, all you peoples! For his merciful kindness is great toward us, And the truth of the Lord endures forever." Dorota slowly opens her eyes and removes the tape from the radio, ending the transmission. She
  5. "Sometimes you have to create hell on earth to serve god." I will pray for your souls. Looking forward! Love it! Thank you! I, Terra, give PK rights to the leader of the Duchy of Burnaya. In light of sufficient reason for my character to be PKed, the leader of the Duchy of Burnaya may have my character PKed for roleplay reasons.
  6. My father passed away when my mother was pregnant with me. He got killed in a car accident. It was at this time and place that my mother found god in her life, so she told me. She passed her faith in god to me, raised me in gods name and for that I will always be grateful. It was clear to her that all the tragedy she suffered was god's plan to make her and her child stronger. I always felt loved by not only her but from god. God prepared me for the life that would come, for the hard times I would have to go through and for the war I would have to fight. I always knew h
  7. #3 "Im here, no matter what" I did think about his words a lot while we drove back. I heard his words over and over in my head. And he was right. We are there for each other, no matter what. Not only the good and pretty parts but for all what would come, what we would have to face. If I had only known that we drove right into something that was proving his words to be true... We made one last stop before we drove across the border. Driving through all those empty and destroyed towns was depressing. It was the last town before the border when we drove into a larg
  8. This is sooooo good!

  9. You got me there! I really want to read more!
  10. I really really enjoy your roleplay and how caring Leon is. Thank you so much
  11. I will say the same <3 Everytime I have been there the roleplay was always nice and very enjoyable. Thank you for that! Especially to @Ethan-J . I really enjoy your roleplay!
  12. Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

    Glückwüsnchge zum Geburtstag 

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      my goddamn keyboard, * Glückwünsche *

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