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  1. Thanks @Oliv, @Conor for the RP - and thanks @Kinks fpr the awesome Radio-RP ingame! Hope to meet you again!
  2. bye staff.

    You did great. Loved working with you. See you on the other side <3 Thanks for everything you have done!
  3. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Awesome person. Lovely and easy to talk to!
  4. I dont want to go to work

    It's too early.

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    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      Terra, I'm tired of your shit!

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      what were you guys expecting the link to be? A link to terra's cam girl site?

    4. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      I don't know what I expected. 

  5. As above, so below

    Too short?
  6. Bohemian Lights

    Uuuh Staggsiboy. I love that! <3 You should drink more if that comes out of it!
  7. Writing again - for anyone who is interested. :x


  8. As above, so below

    Knowledge I like the different people I am with but to be honest, I would have never hung out of with them. It’s the hostel that brought us together or the way away from it. Funnily enough, I trust them. Each one of them is good and unique in their own way. It is kinda sad to know that in a normal situation, I would have never got to know them. It is not like we are best friends but I think we are getting to a point of friendship that is much more deep and connected through a strong bond in a very short period of time. Samantha for example, she is more quiet most of the time. If she talks, she seems to be calm and what she says seems thought through to every detail. Jason I would call our leader. His knowledge about military stuff, weapons and so on, it helps us. He is a great listener and motivator for all of us to move on. I kinda had a mental breakdown. I could not see any positive anymore and at this moment I had no hope. It was him to talked me through. Even though he cannot bring us home, he at tries everything that he can, using his knowledge and experience. He seems to be a very strong guy. Pavel seems to be a strong guy too but in another way. He does not tell much about himself. He seems to have a troubled past which makes me believe is a survivor. I think he had to go through shit his whole life. Some say he is rude, I just think he speaks his mind, not holding back with his feelings and his thoughts. He has strong opinions and in his very own way, he tries to help. I don’t ask how as I am a little bit afraid of his answer. Writing about those people makes me question what I actually can contribute to this colorful and great clique of unique people. They don’t believe in what I believe. They actually sometimes make fun of me, calling me a hippie or “Tree hugger”. The only one I think is actually interested is Elaine. She is only 17 years old and super brave and strong. I kinda envy her for her ability to adapt to the situation. She knows her way around and since she found herself a girlfriend, she seems really happy. I think this relationship keeps away bad thoughts and makes the hopeless situation a little bit less hopeless for her. At the moment we are on our way to a camp, just taking a break to eat and rest our feet. We are warming up ourselves at a little fire in a nice little house in the middle of the woods. You would love it. It looks so beautiful that I could forget what is really out there. Jason heard there is a camp in a bigger town. The UN he said. He believes they can help and I think so too. If not them, I don’t know who. Maybe Thea is there. Maybe she found her way earlier than me and she is safe now. Mum, I can still feel her. I know she is alive. Even though I miss her, it is you I can’t stop thinking about. I worry about you. I don’t want to trust myself. If I would trust my own feelings and vibes, it would make me even more hopeless and sad. The bond between us seems to fade away and I cannot believe this and I won’t accept it. It can’t be true! Deep in my heart I know you must be alright. You must! Listen, I doubt myself and my religion at the moment. Nothing makes sense to me. Why would the gods put me and the people I love in such a situation. Maybe it is even out of the hands of the gods? Maybe there is even a higher power? Does that mean I start to NOT believe? Mum, tell me what to do! I should not doubt the gods, should I? Ok, we will move on in a moment to find our way to this camp. Wish us luck and pray for us as I will pray for you. Goddess of the Moon so fair, I ask thee harken to my prayer. In the shadows, evils hide, ready to draw me from love's side, but with your help I shall be strong, banish all that do me wrong. Send them away, send them astray never again to pass my way.
  9. The Game

    Because I can
  10. The Game

    @Conor Don't ignore the game!
  11. The Game

    @Conor fucker
  12. The Game

    I love you too!
  13. The Game

    @Conor @Keira @Dan Backslide @Dr Willsky @Irish You should play this!
  14. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Torture and kill for not banging @Keira because why would you feel bad afterwards weirdo!?
  15. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    I am currently practising zu sing just for you @Ron It will be a love song for Miko.