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  1. Ida Steinmann

    I am the result of being with nature. I don’t know why I thought I could help her brother come back to life but I really believed it... until I saw him with my own eyes. He was already taken into the hands of the gods. He was one with nature but regardless of my beliefs, I could not tell her that. I knew it would hurt her and it was already a difficult time for her, her mother, and her brothers father. I did what I felt was the right thing. I spoke to my gods and asked for his safe return to them. Being in this country felt wrong. Even on the plane I already felt a storm coming. A storm of life and death. I could feel the elements; fire, water, air, earth and spirit. I grew up with only my mum. She worked hard so I can have the best life possible. I was free. She raised me to be open-minded, thinking for myself, making my own decisions. She told me to believe in myself and to trust my own feelings. She always told me to trust the vibes I get. "Energy doesn’t lie", she used to say. I miss her. She would know what to do right now. Thea does not believe in what I believe but she asked me to come with her and I wanted to support her. She is my best friend and I love her. I wanted to leave right after we buried Thea's brother but she didn't seem ready to leave her brother in the ground at this point. So we stayed a bit longer, not knowing what was coming. After Thea's brother died, I thought the feelings I had on the plane when flying over here was because I could already feel that Bohdan won't survive. Now I think I could feel the energy of the tragedy that is happening right now. Thea is strong, but this situation hit us both while we were already weakened. I try to be strong for her but I am terrified and scared. Are the gods punishing us? My mum and Thea are the only people I trust fully and I could not think of anyone else being trapped here with me.
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      Hi! ;)

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      I didn't need this status update to know that Terra didn't give a shit...

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      @Rolle Oh please Rolle... you would know if I would flame someone... Now leave my profile and get some work done... The new forum still looks shit... I mean "bad" <3


      @Ramon Did you? You have the balls? <3


      @Oliv damn straight! <3

  3. New Here!

    That's what they all say!
  4. New Here!

    Like you dont know.
  5. New Here!

    Have fun!
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      Oh please @Oliv You still love me!



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      You make it real fucking hard.... to love you I mean.


      phew, nice save Oliv

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      I maybe make it hard, but not hard to love me! 

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      Don't do it Oliv.

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      @Jamie jealous idiot! I hate you. <3

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      When two people who have both fucked you in the past make you choose which one to believe...

  7. @Rolle *written in blood* (Thanks Elmo)

    Create a Legend Icon on TS. Do it now. 

    Be a hero again. 


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      Got time to make awful jokes I see :x

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      plz. i ned legend badge or MVP. xD 

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      Terra, you know I'm often right. I know what you're thinking, this smart and this good looking, how does he cope. 

      Rolle it's not OOC hate if I'm just being accurate and pointing out the truth. You're lucky I don't make you a wooden spoon TS badge. 

  8. Between Monsters

    I was reading this again from the beginning... Ron, you need to write again. Thanks.
  9. How awesome Thea really is? What about Oskar and Ida - Without US Thea would be boring as fuck. Ida hates Sam.

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      Never to early for that...

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      she's right


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      I stand corrected. :P

  11. Of course you do. There is a strong bond between Ida and Thea. Good vibes. Good karma. Good energy.
  12. The Abandoned - Media

    @Ron - u wot?