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  1. Expected to watch a reenactment of Musk sending his roadster to space Chernarus style tbh
  2. Edgar_Toro

    Looking Forward To For The Year?

    Movie: I second the Godzilla King of the Monsters. Shit looks cash, I'm extremely ready for the destruction porn. TV Show: The expanse. I'm looking forward to actually watching it once exams are finally over. Game: Three Kingdoms Total War. I love the TW series, and I love ancient Chinese history, so it's a good combination for me.
  3. That's honestly almost impressive. Nice edit
  4. Two of my friends and I had been rolling with the Jackals a looong time ago. These two friends of mine had IC beef and had been fist fighting at any given moment for the last week or so. Well, everyone had gotten on a party bus and as one would expect, the shit talking had began after a little bit of cruising. One of them yelled to the driver "Stop the fucking bus" or something along those lines, got out of the bus, and told the other dude to get out and fight him. I'm pretty sure as soon as the other dude stepped out, he got knocked the fuck out damn near instantaneously. He never lived it down IC. I'll try digging up the video, it was pretty amazing. Another story that I had nothing to do with but was equally funny was the time that a Jewish character KOSed someone for giving him something that was 'non-kosher'. The dude yelled out in a super stereotypical accent 'That wasn't fucking Kosher' and instantly domes the poor man. I'm pretty sure he got a ban strike for that, but it was still hilarious as an outsider looking in. I'll try finding the video for that too.
  5. Edgar_Toro

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Damn, I didn't realize it had gotten this bad. I joined back in late 2014 and only had positive experiences. I think I had maybe one or two reports that involved me or my friends because no more than that were necessary. I've only played a couple hours since I came back just to get my feet wet and, again, have only ran into individuals who are good at RPing - at least to an extent. While I do not share your frustrations now, when I fully reinvest myself into the game, I hope I do not come to share those frustrations. Regardless, I think a weak whitelist application is a bad idea. The whitelist application was so good that when I reaccepted the new and updated rules, I felt like I remembered close to 90% of the content. I would like others to be held to that standard as well.
  6. Edgar_Toro

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I hope I have a similar experience then. Granted, I could always be the fabulous rag medic, but that just does not have the same appeal to it. I don't mind loosing guns or ammo as long as my pills, saline bags, morphine, etc are not completely nicked. I guess I'll find out for myself soon enough.
  7. Edgar_Toro

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Truthfully, I am concerned about how hostile groups act towards others. I want to play as a medic but it is an annoying thought that everytime I get robbed, theyll likely take all of my stuff. That will force me to go look for an adequate amount of medical supplies in order to continue the RP which is a very unappealimg endeavor. Granted, this hasnt actually happened yet, will start diving in in like a week.
  8. Edgar_Toro

    GPS and Markers

    I agree as long as you cannot set down markers. Make them murder your batteries or whatever you use to power them too.
  9. It is my opinion that had Dusty punched continuously, i.e. more than once, and had not immediately backed up, etc, it should be NVFL. In this case, Dusty punched him once and backed up. Yes, it is reasonable to kill him under specific circumstances that have been mentioned already (rival gang, etc) because it makes RP sense to do so. It is not reasonable to kill him if he does not pose a threat to your life. That does seem like ruleplay to me. If past precedent supported this, then it would be understandable or at least acceptable. That does not seem to be the case with precedent being everywhere. Truthfully, this incident just shows that precedent needs to be set in stone, and should be written down somewhere. Making different choice for different people under very similar - if not the same - circumstances definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
  10. Daniel was born in 1992 to a Mr.John and Janine Karrine. John and Janine were average parents, instilling your normal generic values to Daniel. Daniel can differentiate between right and wrong, and as his parents were generally good people, he strives to be generally good too. While Daniel tries to be a generally good person, he has a naturally off-putish personality. Basically, he is kind of rude and gets straight to the point in any conversation. Daniel always speaks in a monotone voice – it is not purposefully done. Originally, Daniel went to college in pursue of a degree in Microbiology. Two years in, he got bored of it and began pursing a degree in History. He eventually finished his degree in History with a concentration on modern Europe. Regrettably, Daniel was unable to find any work involving his History degree directly. Daniel currently works as a librarian and occasionally takes a research analyst post when it is applicable. Well, he did work as a librarian before the outbreak began. Daniel went to Chernarus as part of his research analyst position - he was there for no longer than a week before the outbreak began.
  11. Edgar_Toro

    Bad RP s3

    My final statement before I stop responding. I suppose you're right, we did not RP as best as we could of, but in all reality we were in a hot zone and we needed to move fast. As the video shows, we did end up getting shot at. What we tried avoiding ended up happening. Also, I was on top of the tower the entire time, so I could not of role played without hearing the conversation . Sorry again.
  12. Edgar_Toro

    Bad RP s3

    Leaving it to the staff is a good idea, insulting us while saying leave it to the staff is not a good idea.
  13. Edgar_Toro

    Bad RP s3

    I was instructed to keep an eye on you my friend, you can not banter at me for not providing good RP when I could not even hear what you were talking about. I was guarding, protecting, watching. You must understand that lol.
  14. Edgar_Toro

    Bad RP s3

    I was the friend on top of the tower watching them while they dropped all of their items. I'm going to give my complete POV and my honest opinion. We're instructed to of course role play as best as we can, and keep a realistic tone to the server. We did just that. In a situation like this, we were in a position that at any moment a group of heavily armed men or just a single heavily armed man could show up and stop us, so of course we acted with haste. We had our escape vehicle ready, and we mugged in a fast pace so we could take our leave. Our worries did come to light when another man showed up but we had no reason to mug him, as we had completed our goal of getting items for my friend. We were leaving and then the newcomer took out his weapon and shot and heavily wounded me. We wanted to avoid any further people coming so of course, we ran.
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