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  1. Andrew used to be a student before the outbreak started all he like to do was studying learning and training mma when the putbreak started he tried to survive only with his family but soon after he lost them and thats when he find out he needed to move on he decided to travel to Canada and thats where he found his first group he build,fought and scavenged for the place until one day it all felll a part but he learned that he wanted to guide good people to better thing and drive the bad ones to hell His first group fell a part due to bandits and thats when something in him changed he didnt wanted any scum to mess with his friends so he started as he said taking the trash put by hunting bandits and helping the good ones out He made himself known in that isle for the thing he did for the people he killed Some time later he was looking for a bandit group and he got a radio signal is the process it was one of his men saying that they were under attack but hwen he came back there wasnt allot left so he started searching for new places to go but he dindt have a clue where to go next One day a old trader that he met told him that he was going to look for his son in his boat he was heading to this place callled nyheim he started thinking abot asking him to take him there since he didnt have anything left in the isle so he decided to go with him in the boat he started thinking about his possibilites in this new place the people he would meet the friend and enemies he would made and all the thing he would build he had time to think anyway it was a long journey to even arrive in about 18 days he will start his new journey in Nyheim
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