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    Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Only 3 more days till I start my space mining career!
  2. I was rejected twice so far, so this is my last chance. First time was due to missing information on NLR and KoS, second time is due to missing information about KoS. Here is my app: NLR means "New Life Rule". When you die in the game, you lose your memories of who/what caused your death, and where your death occurred. This prevents you from returning to your body after death. You still keep your memories of groups and affiliated persons. It is used so that a player does not just run back to his/her corpse and take revenge on the player/zombie that killed him/her, or just loot his/her corpse to retrieve his/her items. The reason for this is because you lost your memories of your death, where it occurred, and who/what caused it. In a RP sense, you never knew the dead character, so how would you be able to return to the body? You also can't have your friends bring your stuff back to you after you die. An example of the being rule broken would be if I were to kill a player, and then meet him/her again later, he/she would not be allowed to say "Hey, I remember you! You murdered me!" and then proceed to shoot me. If he/she were to follow the rule, it would (hopefully) end up with us acting like we have just met (if we were unaffiliated apart from myself killing them) and then going from there. You have to wait an hour before returning to the area of your death, you lose all revenge rights, and you cannot assist in any event that might be related to your death like a firefight or a robbery initiated by your friends. - - - KoS means "Kill on Sight". Killing on sight is the act of spotting a player, and then proceeding to shoot them the moment you can. KoS destroys any chance of RP between players. It is not allowed because it does not even allow RP to take place between players. If I were to spot a player and proceed to shoot them, or they were to shoot me, with zero communication between the two of us, that would be KoS. This would totally ruin any chance of RP between the two of us. If we were to both not kill on sight, we would be able to interact with one another, allowing for player to player RP, and not (hopefully) ending with one of us dead. To initiate a robbery with someone, you have to type something like "Drop your weapons immediately!" and then you could add "If you do not comply, you will be shot!". Everything thing else can be spoken in voice chat, but the actual initiation must be done through text chat. This gives the player fair warning of what you want from them, what they have to do and makes sure that they heard you. If the player does not comply to your demands and you have given them sufficient warning, then you may shoot them. If you were to take hostages, you have to have a valid RP reason to do so and a valid RP reason if you also wanted to shoot them. You cannot just shoot them for the hell of it or to send a "message" to their comrades. An example of a good reason to kill them would be if they told you that after you let them go, they would find you and kill you. If the hostage complies with your demands, then you cannot kill them for you have no valid RP reason to kill a hostage that does everything you ask of him. - - - Valen Akachak was a citizen from Canada, Nova Scotia. He fled from Canada to Chernarus after law enforcement were quickly being replaced by bandits and other undesirables. Valen is unmarried with no children. His family was among the first wave of infected. Once his family died, he wanted nothing more but to leave the quickly crumbling country. He spent a few weeks preparing for his trip. A few days before his scheduled departure, he met two other survivors who, at first, tried to kill him in fear of them being killed themselves. Thankfully, he was able to convince them that he was not one of the many bandits that roam in the city. The three survivors then exchanged stories and experiences, and tried to decide on where to go from there. One of the survivors was a pilot for experimental civilian aircraft, and the other was a bartender for a popular club. They all agreed that their best chance of survival was to get out of Canada as soon they where able to. They heard from various radio broadcasts that the country Chernarus was apparently untouched by the infection. The three of them had no way of telling if this was true, but they decided it was their best bet anyways. After searching for nearly a week, they finally found their ticket out of Canada. A CL-215 that was left sitting in a hanger. It took them a while to get the plane started, but when they did, they took off for Chernarus. Before reaching their desired destination, they ran into a storm, and their only options were to either turn back and hope they had enough fuel to make to back to land, or tempt fate and fly through. They choose the latter, but the storm decided to claim them and fling them into the sea. When Valen woke up, he found himself on a beach and his friends where nowhere to be found... - - - So any thoughts on my app? I feel I am missing information regarding baiting players and revenge, but I want to make sure. Thanks
  3. What are your thoughts on the two games? Any of you getting either one?
  4. Hey, my name is Valen and I am hoping to become part of this community. A friend recommended me this server and from what I see it seems pretty awesome. I played on a server like this a while ago, and to me it is a better overall DayZ experience. I hope you all welcome me with open arms, guns lowered, and thumbs up!