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    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    Apple, berries and don't forget that you can even have your own tomato garden now!
  2. Hello there everyone! My name is Albert and I am from Canada! I've been playing pen & paper rpg for more then 10 years now. I've played DayZ since the mod days, on and off. I may not be a "hardcore gamer" and I'm far from being a great shot, but I hope to have fun with all of you, ether as your friend or getting all my stuff looted by you Hope to see you all online! Ivan Kozak
  3. I may have a small question actually. I was taking a look at the standalone lore, I seem to have joined at a "restart" moment if you will. Until the new lore is finished, should I just go with whats there right now or improvise? I won't have a problem improvising, I just don't want to say something that makes no sense story-wise.
  4. markorel

    Epoch (ARMA 3) Server files public release

    I haven't bough Arma III, would you guys recommend it. Having the Dayz Standalone and Arma II, would I realy get anything I don't already have?