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  1. Apple, berries and don't forget that you can even have your own tomato garden now!
  2. Hey there group!

    I may have a small question actually. I was taking a look at the standalone lore, I seem to have joined at a "restart" moment if you will. Until the new lore is finished, should I just go with whats there right now or improvise? I won't have a problem improvising, I just don't want to say something that makes no sense story-wise.
  3. Hey there group!

    Hello there everyone! My name is Albert and I am from Canada! I've been playing pen & paper rpg for more then 10 years now. I've played DayZ since the mod days, on and off. I may not be a "hardcore gamer" and I'm far from being a great shot, but I hope to have fun with all of you, ether as your friend or getting all my stuff looted by you Hope to see you all online! Ivan Kozak
  4. Epoch (ARMA 3) Server files public release

    I haven't bough Arma III, would you guys recommend it. Having the Dayz Standalone and Arma II, would I realy get anything I don't already have?