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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): AnnaliseWulf - DayZRP my profile shows my result Why the verdict is not fair: cause the people that i attacked were not innocent we had kill rights they held up our team mate. but i admit i did say stuff ooc cause i was angry cause the entire gun fight unfolded cause people got info ooc who were not at the cabin with me and but took the info and started with us IC with info they got OOC. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: the person i gunned down i had kill rights on simple as that i did not shoot down innocents and i did say stuff ooc but i was angry since the 3 weeks ive been here my stories have all been destroyed by pvp and meta gaming. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: a smaller point punishment and not final warning i do take a punishment but i think this is a bit harsh for a first time offense. What could you have done better?: have better control over my emotions and not blurted out OOC
  2. Fixed it thank you for everyone who assisted , so what i was told sometimes the files get all wonky and what not that a PC shutdown generally fixes it which it did for me. but my guess if others have the same issue the reasoning may be different than how mine was.
  3. il try the firewall thing cause it happened after a fresh install
  4. ill try that next if it happens again
  5. im at my wits end ive tried so much. nothing seems to be working uninstalling and reinstalling Dayz to see this is the last thing i have not tried.
  6. @TheBishop nope stil happens every good 30 min or so sometimes shorter.
  7. normally how ive been joining has been loading up from the launcher and letting it take me directly into the server if it happens again ill try hitting play first
  8. I will log on be good for like 30 min then get kicked from a query time out..then when trying to get back into the server there is a 50/50 shot i get back in or i crash..just to do it all again anyone experiencing the same issues or if had known of a fix ?
  9. So ive been working on a community like refuge camp for people and ive been working on it all week many many walls and not even done now i was made aware walls go poof if not interacted with which is fine and dandy but if you remove everything out the inventory like me a new person to dayz ( 2 weeks i going on 3 ?) you cannot actually get back into the inventory again which seems like a pretty unreasonable thing with all the work im putting into it... so my question is any plans to fix this or perhaps do something so all the work is for nothing ? It would be the expansion walls..and the only issue is if you remove all the items out like i did on some walls cause i didnt know you cant get back into the walls inventory so it seems. Edit 2: thank you i appreciate it
  10. Lovely interaction and Roleplay by @Niller had me on the floor...i think he may of blew a blood vessel tho. https://clips.twitch.tv/CarelessManlySaladSpicyBoy-JDT-IcOp0eWgzd86
  11. Ozzie's PK from my point of view What a great scenario that unfolded @ImShed @CutieKermie @David Wood @TheFalx https://clips.twitch.tv/TrappedTriangularNigiriDerp-sVSnK20jd7NDiadO
  12. Come on way to give me a tear as i just got online Blaaah ♥ If we are to meet on my new char may it lead to more great RP cause Anna may be dead but her story still goes on!
  13. Erin Reid was one of the new breed of cops who had come forth to save America from itself. The term “police officer” had now taken on a unisex connotation. Badges all over the country were changed from the sexist term “policeman” to the more enlightened “police officer.” Not satisfied with their accomplishments, the hearts and flowers coalitions continued to strive for uniformity until there were virtually no restrictions As the city grew in population, so grew a need for additional officers on the police department. Recruitment had reopened in an effort to fill vacancies created by retirements and other forms of attrition. The complexion of the department was on the cusp of change. There were new forces on the horizon and they had their eyes on the former fraternities of the police and fire service. Erin would have a great deal in common with her brothers in arms. They both had an unusual fondness and affection for the female of the species. Erin's biggest problem was her lack of the appropriate appendage needed to consummate romantic relations. Nevertheless she was undeterred in her quest for the opposite sex, or in her case, the same sex. Erin’s career had its ups and downs. She was a loner, feared by the male officers and female officers alike. No one would socialize with her off duty and she was never invited to coffee during a shift. No one understood her and everyone was afraid to try. One day she met an FBI agent who took a liking to her and they become really good friends, but it was not to last forever for one day her close friend Paul had to leave on a mission of his own. Months later she receives an email to come visit and she jumped on the first plane to Nyheim not realizing her life was about to change forever.
  14. Name: AnnaliseWulfsilven Rank: Affiliate Link: https://www.twitch.tv/annalisewulfsilven figured id toss my name out there
  15. I, @AnnaliseWulf sign over the PK rights of my character, Anna Wolf , to @CutieKermie, @CutieN1RU and @Niller which they can enforce for any reason, at any time, even after my character gets removed from the active group roster.
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