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  1. Andrew Henderson Known as Andy Grew up in London he lived in poverty and his family always struggled for money After struggling for so many years finally at 18 Andrew joined the Army he Trained so hard and Joined the Special Forces Code name ZenCore Where he met Rajib Smith Known as Rs he shared inseparable bond with Rs After being deployed and seeing some of his fellow peers die in combat he became ruthless and Cold after him and Rajib left there final mission something wasn't right Andrew and Rajib ended up suffering with PTSD After War they never left each others side and if someone was to remove us from each other it would cause a lot of distress sadly they where chased by Bandits and had to leave the safe zone at London Bridge they had to get somewhere safe fast because of the virus so they decided to travel to the military base where they found old army friends Leaving in a cargo plane they ran after the plane before it had chance to take off and they managed to get onboard the plane Destination Nyheim.
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