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  1. Hey everyone, I was just re-whitelisted onto the server last night and I just wanted to say hello and that I'm looking forward to RPing with everyone and having a good time!
  2. Foster, Sharkeisha and I are at NW airfield if you want to meet up.
  3. This is David Tunar reporting, I am in the area of NW airfield. Is there a problem, Why do you need help as soon as possible!
  4. David Tunar Reporting that I am in the town of Vybor if anyone wants to meet up.
  5. David Tunar Reporting, I have had a long day and need to go to bed. I end my Day in VyshNoye over and out
  6. David Tunar reporting, Bandits at Vybor, I was KIA.
  7. LT. we are needed in NW airfield, we are leaving, I left 3 pieces of food in the red building when you go out side the church it should be on your right hope to see you soon, out
  8. Lt. were are in Stary at the church please wake up!
  9. Lt, we are heading to your position with much food, ETA 15 minutes
  10. Ok, We are heading to Vyshnoy try to get there and we can save you!
  11. David Tunar reporting, Lt. we are in Zelegorsk trying to get a radio set up meet up with you seeo
  12. This is David Im going to sleep for the night see you all later, over and out
  13. David Tunar reporting meet at grocery store in Vybor
  14. "Hey Its David Tunar I can hear you!"