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  1. SneakyFox

    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    I always do this when I first join any RP server, whether Rust or LiF, RoK, it helps me get into the RP mood. After I die, or get sick of it, I'll do someone completely different, that I would never let get outside of my room, haha.
  2. Just got re-whitelisted and wanted to say its gonna be good to get back into the RP lifestyle. Gonna bring alot to the table. Stay Street.
  3. And I will, like I said thanks for the clear up.
  4. I really wanted to get on the server, and I was stupid. I didn't affect anyone's RP experience. I was even in a really big group, DEV-GRU and we had big RP experiences. I will still submit the age verification, but thanks for the clear up.
  5. On the whitelist form I put my age as 17, since it is. I wanted to roleplay a younger character, so he doesn't have as much wisdom and thought, so I did and that was my backstory. The rules specifically say I have to submit an age verification if I am 16 or younger, but I am not.
  6. Welcome back! I am coming back too! This'll be my first time playing in over a year.
  7. That is about that day in Bolota It is about the day I joined the Unnamed. Frank was not around but the rest of you were and boone had been acting crazy. Everyone had due to lack of leadership and the situations going on. Aurora stayed until that day... That day with all the shooting she felt she was no longer safe and when Jay offered her a way out she took it. The day you guys ditched Boone and he attempted suicide, I understand now
  8. Took my a while to read the whole story and what I missed, and I gotta say, I'm loving it. The level of emotions is off the charts and thats what makes the lore for me. I love how you keep referring to the past with Tony, Luis and I, but one question and this was a while ago, but you wrote about Frank going after your head and you said "I stayed with you and your men, even Boone" why "even Boone?" anyways 10/10
  9. You guys, when you were all blue, haha! It was such a long time ago, you guys tried killing me too
  10. Miracles can happen, and it did There is a miracle and then there is this. Bud I want you back but this is insane, especially since there wasn't anyone there to help you. I need some good RP with old friends right about now, and that story being told to me... it would kind of ruin it. We can come up with something together if you want, The Embassy channel at bottom of TS basically. I'm gonna be gone this week though, so PMs will work but you can talk to my buds as well. I changed it to a pistol, and anyways, the pistol wasn't pointed straight up, kind of diagonally where the bullet would enter from the Jaw, and out the cheek
  11. Well, it seems like I have some explaining to do, and I really don't want to do it. But if I have to get it over with, I will, and I will try without getting too emotional. My name is B-B-B-Boone Dar-k-k-k, Boone Dark and I was a member of DEVGRU. I had alot of friends, Foster, Lt. David Montanez, Jericho, Dalton, Frank, Miller, and Aurora. We all kind of split up, split up as in they all left me in Balota. I do not know why they left me, was it the dresses? No couldn't be, they all laughed when I did it. Was it the craziness? I didn't pack my meds, but they've seen me like that in the forest before. I was sad, and was having a withdrawal from the drugs that I needed to stay sane with. I couldn't do anything. My legs gave out after I ran around the town looking for meds. I thought if I didn't go to any of the houses for an hour or so, maybe someone will put more meds there. I never met anyone. It was like if they all left me to die. I left a note before I shot myself, and it was gone after I woke up. Maybe the wind took it and it made it to my friends. Anyways, to the suicide. I didn't want to do it, but if no one wanted to speak to me or be friends with me, whats the point. After I made the decision, I took my precious 1911, and I put it to my jaw. I took a quick second to remember everything I experienced with all my friends, family and zombies, but no one needs to know about the zombie, I was lonely, and crazy. I pulled the trigger and everything went black, and here I am now, 8 months later, with a hole in my face. I don't know what I should do. My clothes were stripped off and my gun isn't here. Someone please send help.
  12. SneakyFox

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    I got a spoon...
  13. Someone hires another detective and detects him