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  1. You'll be just fine. As others said there are countless ways to communicate, let alone paper and writing utensils will be abundant as office work is in low demand when your coworkers don't mind eating you. Though I'd advise to carry a hold out sidearm, something small you can conceal, as heaven only knows folk can be violent to non-disabled folk. It should honestly allow for more interesting role-play situations as you will not be the average Jane / Joe trotting around with a backpack filled with cinder blocks worth of food and ammunition. Best wishes to ya' on this character.
  2. Resident Evil 4 as Luis Sera. Got to stay classy even in death.
  3. Damn if people just love beating an old horse on its ass for the hell of it. Surprised this topic does not die in general. You can only debate this tiny point only so many times. On to business. Basically what Sin said, "...if you can RP it out and make it an enjoyable experience for the other player, you can get away with doing pretty much anything. If you're just here to fuck up someone's day, you're in the wrong place.", is correct on all degrees, covers every single one of these topics that can not seem to die, and every argument ever made in said topics beyond what their writers believe. The reality is quite simple, that being we all have a stick up our asses. Everyone. Me, you, and everyone else. Those who say they don't are lying. That is why we continue to defend our arguments, expand other arguments, and so on and so forth on this, and other non-similar and similar, topics. This is a role-play server; where everyone role-plays. Some people don't like how others role-play while others do. To put an idea in everyone's head who adamantly uphold the notion, out-of-character to a degree I'd rather not discuss, that this is good, neutral, or bad, or even deserves easy KOS rights, you all should keep in mind that committing cannibalism is not hard in the first place. My proof? History. Imperial Japanese occupation during the U.S. Naval blockade and invasion of the Philippine islands being a good reference. From my memory it did not take but two, even less in some areas, weeks for the Imperial Japanese soldiers to resort to cannibalism. This was a many of them mind you. Starvation gives you good intention to save you ass. Before people throw the "Oh but game-mechanics" fallacy out there, keep in mind that people are role-playing. Not every character will have gone to the zombie ridden great cities, nor the anarchy ridden villages. Why? They don't like game-mechanics? Probably because they like RP. Again to the ones abusing it: They'll be gone in a month or so. If you can RP it then do it; if you can't RP it then try something else you can RP. If you can't RP at all then try leaving. If that does not work then try drain-cleaner tonic: It cures all ills. Really what Sin said basically covers everything. Why everyone likes to disregard that I've no idea.
  4. Constantine

    Have a General Discussions TS room.

    This would be quite fun. It would give me another reason to randomly hop on the TeamSpeak other than to see if anyone else is playing War Thunder. Though organizing the debates may be the hard part.
  5. Sorry to hear of your situation. By chance did you obtain the server time when you died? That will help the most, alongside the area, when the staff obtain logs of these such things. Quite sad to see these situations. Best of wishes. Now off-topic; I'll go grab my torch after the idiots who killed the OP speak. Afterwards I might be more likely to get the mob to help in the crucifixion and burning. Someone bring the marsh-mellows and oil.
  6. My thoughts on KOS? Not to hard to answer. -snipped due to insensitivity- For those who do not know the guy next to the wall is the one who committed KOS. The moral of the story is when you believe you may be killed on sight to bring friends.
  7. Any non-military counts to be general on the topic. We could argue that militia is borderline, but militia usually has no idea how to operate arial vehicles or fixed-artillery.
  8. All rules are applied equally as we've gone over already; I'm not going to dispute that as we both agree on that. Let me clarify on the concept of adding a rule to cannibalism with the current rule-sets. You offered some good examples but things such as an economy and what-not are different areas in their own right; not very comparable to cannibalism as economics require a different than a general RP-server rule-set. Cannibalism, and similar actions available to take upon another character, is similar to your example of kidnapping. They are both currently covered by the current rule-sets but can be elaborated upon to give the public some notice on how to properly operate without breaking the current rule-sets. This being that both are currently optional to do given your character is up for it RP wise. Both have areas where you need to be careful and community with OOC so that the one committing the act does not power-game. For instance you have to obtain OOC consent to trick/force-feed another player human flesh. Vice versa you have to obtain OOC consent to torture a person you kidnapped with bleach. It is better to fight for more elaboration upon the current rule-sets, such as what being bad-RP and power-gaming in this manner, than to push for a brand new general rule to stand among the current general rule-sets. As you said not everyone is apart of a certain character deposition. At the same time if someone RPs a character that fits in due to great RP but is completely foreign to this community no new rule-set needs to be made for their character. Cannibalism is a game mechanic, tis true. A new character play-style is not a game mechanic, tis true. Both are incorporated into RPing thus can follow the general RP rules as they currently apply without new rule-sets. Only elaborations on how they are operated are needed. Nothing more and nothing less. Bad-RP from those who abuse the rules shall be dealt with, as the staff can deal with people with no reason attached with no public disclosure if they do decide to. This is the pro of a private community like this. Bad-RP characters are in an toxic environment and will be routed out by either formal or informal means eventually.
  9. It does wonders for RP, I can say that much. It really does make no sense to see people with characters, a majority of them and groups, be pseudo military types. All a soldier is going to offer is command and conquer RP (Not addressing all other possibilities currently.) compared to the vast differing RP available from a civilian character. Would be nice t see civilian militia be more predominate compared to former/current-military characters. As civilian militia usually takes control due to there being more of them than the other. Makes one hell of an immersion when you see someone with some experience with rifles teaching a small group of people how to properly use their rifles, and do some target practice at a make-shift range. Lead has about as much RP as it did from the cartridge it was fired from to the person it landed in. It does not care, it does not have a backstory, it just simply sing the "I'm a bullet, I can fly, I'm a bullet, I can't die." song. A civilian does as they are not trained to fall in line.
  10. Sorry but that will not be possible. My viewpoint comes from a neutral backing a majority of the time. Your viewpoint is coming from your view on the lore. From what I can see we are focusing on what is going on in-game. I've not claimed to be sitting on 100% accurate information, the same as you have not done so either. The same goes for both of us,a and everyone on both sides, and the middle, of this topic. A majority of this is simply opinions.Nothing more and nothing less. By wanting the implementation of more concrete rules to effect a certain group you unknowingly effect everyone involved. This is a RP server, RP is the core, and RP should remain the core. If you allow a game-mechanic to persuade you to have the rules altered then you are committing the act of sensationalized-rule-sets. (I.E. making rules based upon what has recently happened while disregarding a majority of everything else involved.) Letting bad-RPers persuade your thoughts does not help you or anyone else.
  11. Seems I need to clarify again that I've never played with this community on its servers. I've no need to in order to debate how to RP as I've enough experience in to be able to understand it. If you've been RPing this long then you already know that the bad-apples will be sorted out through reports and the staff. Enforcing new rules into an already general rule-set will not make any progress. Explanations on these rules for those areas will. As such it has already been made clear that people can not simply go off and hunt down others as if they are food. The only exception being if you're near death from starvation and there re no other options available. As having a character go off and simply live to hunt down others and eat them would violate the character having an abusive background on top of bad-RP in general; which has already been covered. I disagree. The rules are working just fine. When people are found committing bad-RP and are recorded and/or reported they usually are dealt with properly. The people who are living close to breaking the rules will disappear within one to two months time easily. Simply as they will eventually be reported for their bad-RP. That is happening right now as we speak. Most bad-RP reports end with the bad-RPer, if enough evidence is present, being dealt with. I can agree that game mechanics do not limit RP. RP is pure character interaction with singular or multiple characters. However it is limited to the character doing any action to properly go about their action. You can easily RP a frightened character who goes off only what they've heard about cannibals. Both people can RP it out. As the only way someone is going to be in such a state IC is if they see the act being done. In-which case they should still RP it out for the sake of RP. Granting people KOS rights from seeing the act limits RP for those who properly RP cannibals. As I said earlier, if people can not RP out on either side of this river then they should avoid these situations or walk away to begin with. RP for the sake of RP if you can RP it. Otherwise no good RP comes from it. Of course everything will be RPed out. Yet this does fit in as we've already gone over. What does not fit in is those in-which run around in groups simply to commit the act. Lore wise that makes no sense least they have characters with abusive backgrounds. I'm pretty sure a group called the Imperial Dragons where in Chenarus on the mod version for the RP server, on top of that the IRA also being there. Lore wise that really makes no sense at all but if you can RP it and make a background in it then it will. If groups of people can RP out those situations, and a many other as there are vastly differing groups, then I'm sure they can RP this out. Like I said earlier; those who commit bad-RP will be dealt with over time. You can go through the history and see repeat offenders of bad-RP getting permanently banned. It is as simple as that. It only takes time. Making new rules will do nothing new; only take the same amount of time as those who break these new rules would sill be dealt the bad-RP card. I'm not sure why you're going over the effects of people gaining illness from being fed human flesh again. We've gone over this already. In order to feed, or trick, another IC you must gain OOC permission. The same goes if you force-feed them rotten food or bleach due to its effects. Those who power-game and do such have been already covered a multitude of times; they are committing bad-RP and will not be here long. Like I said in my last post; I've never RPed with this community, but I can tell it is a proper RP community simply from the videos, lore, and other information that is publicly available. I've no need to join this community and RP with it in order to debate how to RP; as RP does not change per game. The only thing that changes is more elaborated general rule-sets for all RP communities. Nothing more, nothing less. Those that do bad-RP will be gone soon enough as it is. Letting them dictate short-term change solves nothing as the rules that be apply to them, and will continue to apply to them as they are banned.
  12. Good times. Minded me of all the times me and a few comrades lifted a tank with a suitable helicopter and used the tank as an arial defense. Tanks are scary when they can fly. Especially to the one flying them around. Calling it now that when they add bikes you'll end up hitting a rock and being thrown 5km into the air. It'll be like the Kerbal Space Program bugs all over again.
  13. Probably. But I'm one of those folk who likes to debate for the sake of debating; just like RPing for the sake of RPing. I think both me and Grihm are enjoying this quite a bit to be honest. Even though I may come off as a jackass I do mean well and try not to. I'm just an jackass by nature. Probably why I love debating so much.
  14. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here. You'll find that RP communities like this are nice little gems in games here and there. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself more-so than what you've experienced today tomorrow as well. Now the fun part begins when you start learning about everyone's story. You'll find sitting around a campfire with other folk to be quite entertaining talking about stories. No need to worry about errors. If the words connect then people's brains will connect the dots easily enough.