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  1. This is the backgroundstory of Oliver Claesson! Oliver Claesson Was born in the southern Swedish Navy city of Karlskrona! His Father was a UN veteran and his mother was a cook on the Swedish Navy Corvette HMS Visby! He has two older brothers wich both are navy men with experience from the war of the Somalian bay of Aden. Because Oliver was born in a military city and his family was in the military, he also joined at the age of 18! He quickly became a popular soldier amongst his officers and after his military service he took employment as a corporal! After a year in service he was promoted to sergeant! Then he decided to serve in the UN army based in Nyheim!
  2. This is the background story of Olivier Moulin! Olivier was born 2010 in the small town of Montrichard as the youngest brother in the Moulin family! His father Claude was a reknown lawyer in the city of Orléans! His mother Anaïs was a housewife and the older brother Julien had severe problems with mental illness! When Olivier was only six years old his brother tried to kill him by stabbing him with a knife in his belly! Olivier was hospitalized for several years due to his wounds! He was put in a coma-like state! When olivier woke up from coma the world had changed! He wasn't on the same hospital he once where in back in france! The hospital he now where admitted to where empty! He shouted and screamed but no one answered! He only heard his own echo! He got up from the bed and walked out in the corridor! On the corridorwall a big text where written! The text was "Welcome to Nyheim"!
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