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  1. Andrew's parents lived in a small rural community near Portsoy in Banffshire, his father Michael was from Old Cullen, and was a simple farmer, who lead a normal, busy, working life. Michael's father was a figurehead of his community, an ever present around the town, and outskirts. A frequent visitor to the local church, with his family. Andrew's mother's name was Heather Booth, a nurse from Fochabers, who would offer and teach Andrew a duty of care for community, and help teach him his kind, communal nature. Growing up Andrew's parents did well to build a small home, farm, and offer service within this community. In the 1990's Andrew married his long time friend Joyce, and they had 3 children, James, Caroline and Jacob. They lived in a stead inn near Portsoy, raised a sustainable farm. In his free time he was an avid hunter, and a fisherman. Andrew and Joyce did well to shield their family through all the trying and testing times of the outbreak. That was until one trying day, when their farm was raided and pillaged, their farm was destroyed, and Andrew's family were viciously murdered this day. All of Andrew's farm, and stead-inn were destroyed by fire. Andrew barely escaped with his life, but his family and property did not. The perpetrators were just after loot and valuables, but instead left a huge hole in Andrew's life. Seeking some freedom, and a safe space, Andrew had heard about Nyheim, which Andrew decided to voyage to, to seek a new start, in a safer environment. Who knows if this decision will prove the correct one. Andrew has always been a noble, caring, careful man. Reliable friend, and community member. Smokes cigarettes daily, and frequent beer and whiskey as you would expect from a typical Scottish farmer.
  2. **JOURNAL** What I was promised was travel from Stonehaven to Nyheim settlement, I thought it would be clean and easy. Nyheim was described as somewhere safe, a settlement. What happened was different, as the ship came into the shore, I was looking for some port, or some sort of facility to guide me to a settlement. Near the end of the voyage the ship came as close as it could to the shore without beaching, and offered me onto the emergency dinghy, when I protested they put a gun to my head and told me no, I had no choice. By the time I got to the shore my (small) luggage bag had been ruined, and I arrived on the shore cold, wet, and with barely anything functional left. I begin to feel real dread about my decision to come here **NYHEIM DAY 1** The optimism of this new adventure was very quickly going to change, who knows where I was, or where I was supposed to go. I walked inland, to find some small house, with no one around. Except for some infected, of course I had seen them before, but where I came from, my farm was safe from them. Survival mode kicked in, I begin to scavenge these empty homes near the shore, but nothing significant. I went up the coastline paths, checking as I go, I was cold, confused, sneaking past the infected as I go. Wait, one of them spotted me. oh no, no! I defended myself with a stone knife, about the only thing I have, but he got me, I was bleeding. I used my shirt to stop the bleeding, and now with less clothing I am colder. I continued along the path. In my old settlement the infected were mainly in the busy areas and settlements, and were slow, these guys were everywhere, and super aggressive! A large town appeared in the distance, ok this must be it? As I got closer I could see more infected, but no settlement, no people, just an empty town. Some sort of military area as I entered the town, I was able to find some clothing, basic items. I need a weapon, preferably silent! I continued through the town, seemed to be some kind of opening between the military zone, and the homes, and supermarket, I need to check those! But the opening was covered in the infected, I was going to have a hard time getting past them with just a stone knife! Ok, I will sneak past, slowly, slowly... This isn't going to work! There's too many of them, but the left side is clearer than the right, except one infected, I have to take him on! I went a bit further away, so I don't attract the others, and I make a sound to alert him. He yelled, ran over, I smacked him right in the head, he didn't go down! Another shot, I missed! He got me! FUCK! The struggle continued until eventually he went down, I'm bleeding again, shit, 2 bleeds? ok, stay calm! I am trying my best to deal with these wounds with these old dirty rags from before, but it is taking a long time. Is this it? All that for nothing? I feel dizzy, and faint, my vision, everything looks... grey? Ok, I think i've stopped it...? That was close! I need to find help soon, one more attack and I am dead... Where is the settlement??? I continued down, narrowly sneaking by more infected, until I came to a large industrial barn. By now I had a military vest, shirt, helmet, small bag, no food, no water, no medicine, I really need medicine! no weapon, I really need a weapon! Within this massive industrial building there wasn't anything of note, until I had a look in their office, an assault rifle!! ok, something to defend myself with, ammo? 5 bullets, not much better than nothing! I hadn't seen no life for hours, since landing on the shore, what is the chances of this, as I kneeled down in the office room checking the weapon I had found, and arranged the incredibly small ammunition for it, I heard some steps outside, a person? Great! Help? That's what I though, instead walked in a man, around my height and build, but entirely kitted, full military equipment, I stayed still... He wasn't quite aiming his gun at my head, but it was clear if I made any sudden movements I was done for! What do you have here? I stayed still, not quite hands up at this stage, but I was scared, I thought Nyheim was safe, who was this guy? Where's your friends, I could hear them walking around out there. No, I am alone, I just arrived on the shore here. Where did you find that vest? Can you drop it for me? It came as a request, but I was aware it was a demand, I dropped the the vest. This looks familiar where did you find it? I have my stash near here someone has access to it. No I swear, I took it from one of the infected! You got this from the infected? Yes! I don't think he beleived me, it was true! I don't have anything on me surely if I had access to his stash I would have better than this shitty vest! I don't have anything, I just arrived, I scavenged nearby, and I just found this weapon in this office right as you walked in, I am injured The interaction with this guy was incredibly awkward, and tense, what was he doing here? I daren't ask, who was he, I didn't ask this either What is your name? Andrew. Andrew? Where are you from Andrew? Scotland. He continued to stare at me, what was going on here? I need you to drop the magazine for your weapon... I dropped it... And put the gun on the ground... I dropped it... Now go outside and cross the street! I left the barn, crossed the street, I tried to look back but was too afraid. By the time I had crossed the street and looked back he was gone, where did he go? I gave it a few more minutes, then slowly went back to see if he had taken my gun, it was still there? With the ammo! Who knows what was going on, why didn't he rob me? Shoot me? Why didn't I ask more questions! Where do I need to go, he could have helped with my injuries! After a few minutes I carried on down the street, into a small house, it was pitch dark by now, I need to chill here for a while, but not for too long, I am still injured, growing hungry. I need to get out of this town, but maybe there is things that can help me survive in here?
  3. Mash1987


    Hi there, I just submitted to join yesterday, and am just awaiting approval to join in on your servers I just changed my character's background after spending a bit more time reading the lore, and tried to adjust that to suit better, will that be reflected when my application is approved, or will it show the old one to the reviewer? Glad to be here I am very new to RP, but interested to try it out!
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