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  1. ex military royal marine, black ops REDACTED. spent 20 yers in the forces have retired to these lands as its the only place i heard that there was minimal infection and that they where other survivers tried the outer hebridies in north of scotland but the infection ran rampent. i want answers to what happend and answers to who is responible . there are rumours of a corporation umbrellad by other corps. there has to be a cure. i come from a long line of scotsman to have been in the serices and am very proud of that and have always been i wish dad was around to see me do so well in the marines especialy my last days before retirment but the infection got to dad fast he was so rabid bloodthursty, it was like one of those hollywood movies, i neary shat my pants, infact i did, but the bullet that splattered his brain was not scared of him.;
  2. hello everyone im new. waiting to be whitelisted so i can play, cant wait
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