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  1. S3: Killing a compliant hostage

    As I stated, you were both givin time to comply, and you both were wearing the blue armband, and were previously talking (Which made it seem as you were part of the group).
  2. S3: Killing a compliant hostage

    Do you or your ally have any video evidence of what took place? No, sorry, I would usually have shadow play running but my game keeps crashing and it's not saving files. (I know this is a bit of a coincidence but there's nothing i can do) I am willing to take any punishments as I do feel I should have givin them longer to react (I felt i give them time, maybe just not enough). *EDIT* The reason both were being held up was due to them both having the armbands of someone who had robbed me shortly before, and the first guy was there with the robber helping him.
  3. S3: Killing a compliant hostage

    Hi, I have no POV but can tell you what happened if required. *EDIT* I had told both guys not to move, and the first guy immediately turned with his gun, so i shot him, then for the second guy i told him to put his hands up (which he did) then he started saying "i'm getting robbed" to which i replied "I'm taking your radio, don't speak again or i will shoot you" in which then he repeated "i'm getting robbed" multiple times. I apologize for the time taken on this case.
  4. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Hey, i entered the wrong DayZ standalone GUID in the whitelist app and i need it changed, 3d5d7903f1e4074f8ddc929f1d8ef58a Thanks. //Conor: GUID Reset