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  1. A villager from a small country in eastern Europe. Poor with bad education, learned how to be a fisherman and a hunter from young age. Survived the initial infection on a boat in the black sea, but the infection eventually spread on the boat and he crashed in the rocks south of Tulga. Surviving and keeping to himself, avoiding trouble is the most logical way to go forward. Looking for survivors that are willing to live quiet and possibly secretive life. Have a hideout and make sure we trade and noone pulls one over on us. Killing is a big no no for him and will be a requirement for anyone that is willing to work or live with Hex.
  2. JohnHex

    What's your Character's Favourite Torture Technique

    I have never tortured anyone... is this bad?
  3. Stay true to your character view, ideals and story. As long as you want to play it don't worry about the accent.
  4. I was rolling on the floor laughing after meeting Ely and Fenton today. Awesome characters and RP.
  5. How can i say this in a different way. Do i have to start doing the quote thing and make pictures? "All I am saying is that if you had no involvement that's fine, maybe you couldn't leave, yet somehow Frank and I entered and left that same compound THREE times untouched (and we were in a group of 2)." - We had no involvement but your guys, the convicts and blood what ever, didn't care about that and we ware getting shot at. You might not have been shot at, because you are on their team or because we ID our targets before we do. The thing is if i did what you guys did and shot you the 3 times you entered the compound without IDing ... i would have been banned for KoS. You had your PvP, you ignored RP and you had your loot. I didn't get anything in return except rulebreak. /close thread, there is nothing else to be said here.
  6. I can understand how from your point of view it could be seen as this, but let me explain what you are missing. 5min before you even came down the hill for the 1st time we ware receiving fire, that you say it was not you, after coming down seeing us and avoiding RP and running back up(thats why we could not say we are not the brotherhood), we received a bit more fire from the hill that you say it was not you. It hit next to my head and next to Sergeis head, so it was pretty accurate. At this point I saw movement N from us and S from us, making the only escape not the trees but the open airfield to the West, and i made the decision that staying in cover and returning fire(after identifying the enemy) our way to survive. This is the opposite of NVFL. Soon after that the only member of Pestilence got KoSd up the hill from Frank and I clamed the truck. To take the truck from us you need to initiate not shoot, but i can understand after misIDing us that it seemd unneeded. The next fire we took was when from you, witch i understand was because of miss-information, missID and the chaos that someone made this situation into. I don't blame you for that and i accept your apology. I don't mind being defeated because of poor shooting or poor decision making as long as we get to do that. We did not get to shoot back or RP, witch is the point of us playing on this server. I blame the Troll/badRP/OOC/racist guy that rule-played this situation into full on chaos. Give me the name of the guy who said that you(as the two groups) have the right to kill everything that moved after Ching got hit in the shoulder for insulting, being racist and all out troll. Sung, none of my group got hit, because we took cover, but we got shot at atleast 50-60 times tho and i'm the only one dumb enough to try to identify with RP coming out of cover.
  7. Server and location: S1 NEAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0:10 - 0:15 UTC Daytime or Night-time: Night Your in game name: John Hex Names of allies involved: Sergei Drago, Mikhail Logunov Name/Skin of suspect/s: unknown Suspects weapon/s: silenced Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Brotherhood truck Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: I was talking with some military guys(Pestilence Brotherhood I think) when we took fire from Olsha hill. Heard on the radio that some of the military guys have died. Guys dressed in black came in running at the truck. Saw us, I tryed to talk to them, but they bolted back up the hill(did not initiate on them because i did not know who was shooting at us). The one remaining military guy went after them to find out whats going on and why is someone trying to KoS him. Later we hear that he got killed half way up the hill. Then we took some more fire. One landed next to my head and one next to Sergeys cover 3sm away from his face. We could not retreat in the middle of the field because there was not enough cover. A guy came in from the hill and pretended that he didn't know whats going on(could not tell by the clothes if he was from the 1st two that came in after the initial fire), scouted where we ware and i got shot in the chest from South side of Olsha. Then the guy stole the truck and we decided to run wile all this was happening. From what I understand ooc there have been lots of KoSed people around this incident and i can say its was all coming from the same guys.
  8. JohnHex

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    *points at Mick* Ooohhhhh HE STEALIN`
  9. JohnHex

    What was your old backstory

    oh.. i can't even read it... cringey
  10. Pretty good hostile RP today at NWAF. I was planning to take a break from dayz till next real patch, but its not going to be happening now thanks to the Convicts. o7
  11. Oh well, I'll swallow my hatred towards forums just because applications are important. prefer firefights then this...