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  1. I'd love to use Tapatalk, using it previously was great. Is there an answer in the matter?
  2. Oh god I had so much fun too with everyone! Ahoy!
  3. Richard! Hi! It was really fun trading with you! I can promise you that we had a lot of fun as well! Hopefully you'll come back to get that bravery potion, And also to get and receive gifts! Bless your kind heart.
  4. Heaser

    The Gypsies Caravan

    I am so excited! *Goes to create a new character for the occasion*
  5. Heaser

    Well, my time has come

  6. Heaser

    Thank you for everything <3

    Wow, Tom. Did I hurt your feelings?
  7. Heaser

    Thank you for everything <3

    I thought you were the best and most awesome staff member! Just saying!
  8. Hi m4loo! Good to see you! Nope though, you can't just explain the nlr rules again, gotta explain it all, feel free to ask a community helper with any questions before submitting again, they are great!
  9. That was really enjoyable! I was really scared though hahaha! Thank you! Had a great RP and I'm pretty sure you still owe me a small favor.
  10. Yes it was really enjoyable! Walk RP is best RP! Thanks for the cooking pot and for staying within your Steak quota.
  11. *jumps in front of Terra* Nope. Maybe Terra?
  12. Pretty lady, 1/10, married, I'm forced too.
  13. Heaser

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  14. Heaser

    [GAME] If I was..

    Yes, it sounds like a really cool thing!! If I were the letters "p", "o", "b" and "o", would you boop with me?